Bone Wielders

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d6 + 2 (6d10)
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 90’ (30’)
AC: 6 (0)
HD: 16
Attacks: 4 (weapon, see description)
Damage: Based on weapon type +1d6 and each attack is at +4 to hit.
Save: L16
Morale: 6
Hoard Class: V, VIII, IX, XVII

Bone Wielders are mutant humans that are fairly common in the wastes. These creatures appear to be pure human for the most part and it is only when they use their mutations that it becomes apparent that they are much more than mere human.

Physically these mutant humans as stated look human. Men and women have average height and weight and their skin tone, hair color and eye color run the entire range of what is considered to be normal.

They age as normal humans until they become adults, at which point the aging stops. They are in effect immortal and cannot die from old age, although disease, injury and violence still claim them.

Females have the same gestation period as normal humans and typically give birth to one infant, although twins are not all that uncommon.

These creatures form small hunting and scavenging parties, and are rarely found alone. They also live in closely tied communities, preferring the company of their own kind over that of other mutants and even pure humans, although they have been known to interbreed with either (the resulting offspring have a 50% chance of taking after either parent).

There are those in the wastes who speculate that these mutant humans are actually the descendants of genetically altered humans who were used by the Ancients as soldiers. The reason many think this is because they possess a great affinity for combat and use their mutation to great effect, and are able to heal from almost any wound sustained. As a result, there are those who actively seek these mutant humans out and attempt to hire them as mercenaries. It is a role that many of them accept and excel at.

They are also expert craftsmen and women, able to manipulate bone (even bone that doesn’t come from them with amazing results.

These mutant humans produce weapons, tools, and even armour and furnishings out of bone. Not only primitives but other folk of the wastes seek out and pay exorbitant prices for the creations of these mutant humans, as it is always of top quality and the weapons are deadly efficient. All weapons produced by them have a damage bonus of +2 and the cost of the weapon is increased by 100%, but the weight of the weapon is only half that of normal.

When involved in combat, they are able to cause bone to protrude from their skin, and despite the fact that it is painful to do so; it provides excellent armour for them, covering their vital organs and limbs from damage. It takes a single round for the bone armour to appear and it is more effective than most armour that can be found in the wastes, although if they have access to artifact armour, they will use it. They