Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1 to thousands
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 150’ (50’)
AC: 0
HD: 6
Attacks: Fear generation or possession
Damage: See description
Save: L6
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: None

No one, not even the wasteland scholars are exactly sure what these creatures are. Many believe that they are extradimensional beings that have been around for as long as mankind has walked the face of the planet. Many more believe that they are yet another creature spawned by the toxins and radiation released during the final wars.

The only thing that anyone knows for sure is that when they appear, death and destruction are soon to follow. No one knows why, but these creatures feed upon negative emotions, death and despair. They always show up typically twenty-four to forty-eight hours before something horrific happens. This can be as simple as a natural disaster or something even far worse, such as the detonation of a nuclear weapon or other device of mass destruction. The larger the disaster or death-toll, the greater the number appear.

When they are around however, no one typically will know, unless they have the ability to see invisible. These creatures are always invisible to the naked eye, but can be seen through certain unique senses or are easily picked up by sensors that can see energy patterns. Even when they can be spotted, they appear translucent and appear as if they were made of water.

No one can quite agree on what they look like, with the exception that when seeing them, the viewer is filled with a sense of dread and horror. The creatures always have a hideous visage, typically what one would call ghost-like or undead. They do possess a vaguely humanoid appearance, although it is not uncommon to see multiple sets of legs or arms.

When they move, they can travel through the air and across the ground with equal speed and ease. They cannot, however, pass through walls, which is quite odd considering they are insubstantial. They require openings, such as windows or doors to enter a building and often will wait for someone to open a door or window in order to get into a structure.

Even though they are considered to be evil and are the harbingers of death and destruction, there are mutants that have discovered they can be used to predict terrible events and these events can often be lessened or even thwarted if those who can see the creatures can deduct what is about to happen.

For example, if a serial killer approaches a small community, often one or more of these creatures can be seen following the killer, watching the killer intently and examining the killer. The more creatures that follow the killer, the higher a body count the killer will end up creating.

Another example is that they will often be seen lurking around a location where there is about to be a disaster that kills. The more creatures that are in the location, the larger the death toll will be. Say that there is an old weapon, an undetonated howitzer round that will be accidently set off in less than a day by a scavenger. There could be a couple of these monsters hovering around the blast area, waiting and watching. If the round was nuclear tipped, there could be dozens of the creatures spread out over a large area, waiting with gleeful anticipation for the death and destruction to reign supreme.

These creatures do not like to be observed, and when they discover that someone or something can see them, they will use their possession to take over any living being and use that being to attack and kill the observer. The only way to get rid of the possessing creature is to kill the being, or to kill the creature itself. Otherwise the creature will continue to use the possessed being until whoever can see it is dead.

The only way to kill one of these creatures is to use mental mutations. They are immune to all manner of attack, including energy attacks. Mental thrusts, vampiric field, and other such mutations are the only way to kill them.

Escaping the creatures is not all that difficult however, as if one can outrun them or get behind a barrier they cannot pass through will allow them to escape. This is only temporary however, as once they have learned someone can see them, they will pursue until the person that saw them is dead.

If they suspect someone can see them, they will observe that person and will even approach them and try to scare them or do something that indicates the person can see them. If the subject of their attention is able to act as if they are not around, then they will leave them alone.

Anyone who does see these creatures is subjected to a type of fear. They must make a saving throw versus death or flee in terror for 4d6 rounds. This will alert the creatures to the fact that someone can in fact see them. Even if the saving throw succeeds, there is a chance that the viewer will give themselves away. The Mutant Lord is encouraged to play this out, using her wit and wile to play out the actions of the creature as it attempts to ‘prove’ the viewer can see them. This will take place for 1d10 rounds until the creature either decides the viewer cannot see them, or loses interest and goes elsewhere.

Mutations: Fear generation, flight, psionic, insubstantial (limited), invisible, possession (modified)

Source: Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz