Black Pharaoh and Blacker Cults (H.P. Lovecraft's Nyarlathotep)



Costs: A special pool of aspects, skill ranks, and stunts.

The Cult of Hastur, artists and dilettantes and maniacs all. Madder even than the Cult of Azathoth, they treat their madness as a form of performance art. Everything is done for Hastur, to impress the King in Yellow, and to make them performers and characters in his next grand and magnificent play. They value intellect and creation over the subversion and destruction, making them hated enemies of the Cult of Nyarlathotep.

Aspects: Madmen and Artists; Creators of Destruction; Utterly Deranged

Skills: Arts (Great +4), Academics (Good +3), Science (Fair +2), Contacting (Average +1)

Stunts: The Weight of Reputation: This cult can use Arts instead of Intimidation to create advantages based on the fear generated by the sinister reputation they’ve cultivated for themselves and all the shady associates you have. You should have an appropriate aspect to pair with this stunt.


Each of these cults was designed with a specific interpretation of the deities involved. I could imagine this as a kind of counterpoint to a certain vampire and other supernaturals-themed RPG, with the players representing their given cult and attempting to combine its pull with their own ambitions.