Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: N/A
AC: 6
HD: 50
Attacks: 10 tentacles, 5 tubes, 3 pods
Damage: 2d6+10 per tentacle, special for tubes, special for pods.
Save: L20
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: XXII (x3)

Although this mutant creature is utterly immobile, it is one of the most feared monstrosities that have been discovered in the ruins of Moscow, Russia. The very first of its kind was discovered around a single decade after the end of the final wars. The creature was discovered and destroyed by a group of brave scavengers beneath the ruins of the Kremlin.

With the destruction of the original monster, the survivors thought that the nightmare was over. Things never go as hoped, and soon more of the creatures were discovered hidden away in locations that had still-functioning nuclear, fission, fusion, or anti-matter reactors.

These power-sources appear to be the main source of life for these massive creatures, as they will grow around the power-source and feed off the radiation and heat emitted by the reactors. As it happens this is not the only food source that they require. These massive mutants are in fact, quite intelligent and have a number of powerful mental mutations that they will use to attract other life-forms. They feed off these other creatures by mentally forcing them to ‘join’ with the main body of the monster, where the flesh, bones and organs are melted down by a powerful acid and end up becoming the building-blocks that add to the monster’s already massive size.

These monsters appear as a gargantuan mass of organic material. Numerous tentacles (one for every 5 hit-dice) sprout and wave around the mass, acting as both offensive limbs and to draw any prey into the body of the mass itself. These tentacles can whip about and inflict 2d6+10 damage per hit, but they can also grapple a creature in order to pull it into the body of the biomass. The tentacles are considered to have a Strength of 30 when grappling (see Wisdom from the Wastelands issue 11: Optional combat rules for more information regarding grappling). Multiple tentacles can latch onto a target, and for each additional tentacle, the Strength of the attack increases by 5, so that if three tentacles have latched onto a target, the effect Strength equivalent to break free is 45! Lastly, the creature can simply hold onto a target and squeeze with its tentacles to kill it. Once the tentacle has latched upon the target, the creature will suffer 2d6+10 points of damage per round with no to-hit roll required.

There is also one large tube that seems to be stationary for every 10 hit-dice possessed by the creature. The main function of these tubes is to act like a heat-sink, allowing the bio-mass to expel excess heat that it absorbs from the reactors. But it also has another function. The monster can aim these tubes and attack creatures that pose a threat at range. The range of this weapon is 500’ (if it has a clear line of sight, often it doesn’t).