Ash Dragons

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d4
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 60’ (20’)
                     240’ (80’) Flying
AC: -2
HD: 20
Attacks: 3 bite, claw, claw or 1 wing smash, or tail slap or 1 breath weapon
Damage: 3d8 / 4d8 / 4d8 or 3d6 plus special or 5d6 plus special or 20d6
Save: L20
Morale: 6
Hoard Class: None

It has been suggested that Ash Dragons are in fact genetically engineered life forms, created by the Ancients in their never ending quest to create the ultimate biological weapon. Others speculate that the Ancients were trying to bring a mythological monster to terrifying life.

These huge creatures resemble the dragons of myth in every aspect, being huge lizard-like monsters that average around thirty feet from the tip of their snout to the beginning of their long whip like tails, with the tail being another twenty feet in length. And these monsters are massive, weighing on averages around 10 tons.

They have very thick scales and seem to be all but impervious to most attacks, and are completely immune to any fire or thermal based attacks (which includes most types of lasers). They are dark grey in color, with some ranging to a deep midnight blue or black.

Ash Dragons are also formidable opponents, having a wide variety of natural attacks to choose from, and least of which is the formidable jet of fire that they can use once per hour.

The fire is actually a mixture of two volatile chemicals, which when mixed together and exposed to oxygen, bursts into flame. This creature is capable of using this breath-like weapon against any target within 200’ of it, and it affects everything in a 10’ radius.

Any combustible’s hit by the flame must save against energy attacks or be destroyed (if they are on a character, they use the characters save).  The mutant lord will have to determine the extent of damage to things like buildings or the like. Any time the Ash Dragon attacks a creature with either the tail or its wings; the target must make a save versus death or be knocked prone.

These creatures have a very unusual type of diet. They are incapable of gaining any nutritional value from flesh, even cooked. They are only capable of eating ashes, specifically from organic sources, thus how they get their names.

They are the bane of many communities because they have a habit of swooping in and setting everything and anything they see ablaze with their powerful chemical-based breath weapon. These creatures specifically target fields of vegetables, trees, herds of animals and so forth  Once all living targets have been burnt to ash, the Dragons will then land and eat their fill of the ash before flying away.

These creatures prefer to make their nests in the ruins of cities and towns, preferably cities that were heavily damaged by firestorms. An odd twist of fate allows the creatures to live in highly radioactive locations, as their hard scales make them completely immune to radiation and its effects. As such these creatures are incapable of becoming