Arachnid Hominids, Pureblood

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d4 or 5d12 in communities Alignment: Lawful Movement: 180’ (60’) 360’ (120’) Fly AC: 5 HD: 12+24 hit points Attacks: 4 punches or special (see description) Damage: 1d4+3d6 / 1d4+3d6 / 1d4+3d6 / 1d4+3d6 or special (see description) Save: L12 Morale: 8 Hoard Class: III, VII, VIII, IX (80%), XIII (75%), XIV

During the ceaseless quest to perfect super-soldiers in the years leading up to the Final Wars, scientists and genetic engineers delved into splicing genomes. One of the more spectacular failures was the creation of the Arachnid Hominids. At first they appeared to have been a great success, the human and spider DNA meshing to create far faster and stronger soldiers.

It did not take long to discover that they were wrong. The subjects mutated into human-spider chimeras. Despite everything, the scientists could not reverse the change that occurred.

This did not stop them.

After many years of trial and error the pre-fall scientists were able to lockdown the correct genetic code to prevent the Arachnid Hominid’s from mutating. Many more men and women (some volunteers, others unwitting test subjects) mutated, but as the testing continued, the results became less and less horrific. Some simply sprouted extra limbs from their backs, and others gained abilities that were not quite expected.

At long last the scientists managed to create what they dubbed ‘Pureblood’ Hominids. These chimeras appeared to be fully human and were indistinguishable from pure humans. They were however immensely strong, highly agile, incredibly fast, and able to withstand more physical punishment than regular men and women. They had the ability to cling to any surface and finally some were capable of producing webs from their wrists. These abilities were common among all the new Purebloods, but it was discovered that certain members gained additional abilities.

Five distinct versions were created. The first were dubbed Purebloods Generation One. These men and women had the strength, agility, speed, endurance, clinging and ability to generate webs. They also possessed a unique sense, one that would alert them to impending danger. This means they are only surprised on a 1 on 1d10. They also gain saving throws of +4 against any traps or similar ‘surprise’ situations. Lastly it grants a +4 to initiative rolls.

The second most common version was called Purebloods Generation Two. These were always exclusively female. What set them apart were that they were completely immune to radiation, and once they were subjected to any sort of toxin or poison and survived, they were forever immune to it afterwards. They also possess heightened sense of smell and hearing and are capable of flying. These women can generate a blast of bio-electrical energy once every three rounds to be used in combat. This blast does 4d6 points of damage and is considered to be half thermal, half electrical when it comes to damage reduction. Finally they are able to control pheromones produced by their bodies to sexually attract males (or females who are of that orientation), and repel other females. This gives a -4 when dealing with males, while a +4 when dealing with females (it can be controlled, it is not on all the time.)

Pureblood Generation Three differed in the fact that the web that they could generate was pure psionic energy and would dissipate after a single hour. This webbing can easily hold up to ten metric tons of weight without dissolving and cannot be burned. The web is considered to have strength of 30 for trying to break free. The only way to dissipate the web is through EMP. This generation is also capable of sensing vibrations through their hands and feet, much in the same manner as a spider in their web.

With Pureblood Generation Four, it was discovered that they possessed the usual abilities but were gifted with powerful psionic mutations. They all possess telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, the ability to sense psionic mutations in others, and are able to heal physical damage and statistic damage. They can heal 2d6 stat damage once per day, or 3d6 hit point damage up to four times per day. This version of the Purebloods tend to be quite rare and are often treated as leaders or in more primitive colonies shaman or witch-doctors.

The final and the rarest of all are the Pureblood Generation Five. These Purebloods possess all the abilities of each previous generation but are something of a throwback to the progenitor race.   They appear to be fully human except that they have four thin spider-like legs protruding from their backs. They can use the limbs in combat for either attack or to fire their energy blast. They can use the limbs to fire four full-strength blasts at once, but will not be able to do so again for 12 full rounds.

Many of the original members of the species were killed during the final wars, but enough survived and managed to find one another after the end. They did their best to set up communities or small tribal groups, many living in the ruins, while others setting out to build homes in the wastelands.

Most of the groups retain their knowledge and ability to use technology and often act as police or mercenaries. Very few of these hominids are what one would consider to be ‘evil’, as most have a very strong morals and ethics.

They are able to breed with one another and generally it is the mother that determines the generation if generations interbreed. They can also breed with Pure Humans and Humans, with the offspring always being that of the Arachnid.

Both Purebloods and Hominids know of each other. These humanoids feel pity towards the other and often treat them as one would treat those who are ‘special’ in their families. Hominids however are often quite resentful towards the Purebloods and even though they will not be actively hostile towards them, will often try to hamper or hinder plans of the Purebloods simply out of spite, knowing that they are the failures while the Purebloods were the successes.

Mutations: All – Clinging, increased balance, increased physical attributes (all), quickness, web.

                  Pureblood Generation One: Danger Intuition

                  Pureblood Generation Two: Energy Ray, flight- psionic, fragrance development (modified), increased senses (hearing and smell), immunity to all poisons (modified), toxins, and radiation.

                  Pureblood Generation Three: Unique Sense (vibration), web (modified).

                  Pureblood Generation Four: Clairvoyance, mental barrier, precognition, psionic healing, telepathy.

                  Pureblood Generation Five: All mutations possessed by each generation and aberrant form (Xenomorphism, extra body parts).

Source: Spider-Man series of comics

Chris Van Deelen is the author of the Skirmisher Publishing LLC sourcebook Creatures of the Tropical Wastes sourcebook and co-author of its Wisdom from the Wastelands game supplement.