Arachnid Hominids

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d8
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 90’ (30’)
AC: 2
HD: 14
Attacks: 7 (1 bite, 7 claws)
Damage: 5d6 / 1d8+3d6 x7
Save: L14
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: VI, XV

As it is well known by the descendants of the survivors of the final wars, those who perpetuated the end times delved heavily into the manipulation of the genome of pretty much every single living organism on the planet.

There were many successes, but far more failures. To this day both examples still walk the earth showing the ingenuity of mankind’s intellect and the folly of messing with mother nature.

Arachnid Hominids are but one of these creations. The initial experiment was designed to combine the human genome with that of certain arachnid species, integrating the speed, agility and strength of the spider into the human to create as was always the case, a better soldier.

The first test subjects appeared to work out in the manner the scientists had hoped. They showed markedly increased physical attributes as well as unique senses that set them apart from their fellow test subjects.

But within a matter of months to a year, each and every single member of the test group underwent a horrific metamorphosis which transformed them into human spider chimeras.

They increased their physical size and mass by over 50% and sprouted four additional arms. The heads elongated and grew mandibles, while four more eyes sprouted from the skull. The fingers on each hand merged into three talon tipped claws and the feet increased in size, the toes merging to form two large toes, tipped with claws while a large claw sprouted from the heel.

To top it off, the subjects developed web sacks in the wrist of each arm, allowing them to produce webbing from each limb, as well as a poisonous bite, and the ability to cling to any surface.

Although it proved to be difficult, the victims of this test were still able to use and manipulate technology with their greatly modified hands, and can still do so in the ruins that they now inhabit.

The test subjects, both male and female, were locked away to be studied, so that the genetic manipulation could be fine-tuned, as for the most part the scientists were happy with the results.

With the advent of the final wars, the mutant chimeras were able to escape from their confines and found their way into the war ravaged wastelands. Even to their great surprise, the Arachnid Hominids discovered that they were capable of breeding true. Not as insects that laid eggs, but as male and female, like they were capable of doing so before their horrible metamorphosis.

Females still had the same gestation period but twins and triplets were by far the norm, never single births. These creatures tended to grow faster than regular humans, reaching maturity in only 5-7 years. Over the generations the new species stabilized. The average creature stands around 8’ in height and weigh in excess of 500 pounds.

Despite the fearsome appearance of these creatures, they are not