Anti-Paladin Oaths

William T. Thrasher
There's no knight like a black knight.

We tend to only consider oaths when they apply to Good or Lawfully aligned characters. Vows of chastity, poverty, and chivalry abound, and even vows of silence and pacifism appear as motivations in table top campaigns. As we turn our thoughts to Anti-Paladins this week, we must look beneath the black-lacquered armor of these champions of corruption, for even beings of greatest Evil can know honor and loyalty to their patrons, orders, and the Powers of the multiverse, and the Chaotic at heart are still guided by principals, regardless of how unreasoning they may seem.

Below you will find a selection of oaths anti-paladins may take upon coming into their power to affirm their dedication to a particular brand of corruption, perfidy, or evil. It is my hope that these oaths will inspire antagonists of greater depth, refined anti-heroes, and possibly even PCs in campaigns which explore evil in all its many flavors.

  • Every sleight against me must be avenged.
  • A share of every man's wealth must pass through my hands.
  • I will never speak the truth when a lie will do.
  • My sword will taste blood each day.
  • From every barrel of wine or ale, a draft shall pass my lips.
  • I shall love not but gold and cherish not but wealth.
  • I own only that which I take by cunning, deception, or force.
  • Every heart that beats with love for me I will break.
  • I will break the seals imprisoning my master of die in the attempt.
  • No prison will hold me, no shackles will bind me, no law will constrain me.
  • That which I cannot possess I will destroy.
  • I will make ever temple of light a place of darkness.
  • I will punish weakness and worship strength.
  • Every man who knows me will known to fear me.
  • No book will I read that I do not burn.
  • Those who bare the blessings of undeath shall always know my aid.
  • No child I bare shall know me as its parent.
  • I will repay all trust with betrayal.
  • Only by poison shall I take life.
  • Those who know the pleasures of my flesh will be cast aside on the morrow.
  • I will taste the flesh of my enemy at my evening meal or else starve.
  • What others have earned though honest labor, I shall take by dishonest means.
  • I will not drink except to excess nor eat except to bursting.
  • Every idol I shall smash, every relic I shall break.
  • For every tear of sadness my enemies shed I shall shed a tear of joy.
  • I will only look to the future to prophesies doom.
  • When I speak of gods I shall blaspheme.
  • I shall slay no foe until they thrice beg for mercy.
  • My word is made to be broken.
  • All infernal knowledge is mine to possess.
  • I will walk not except where my tread blights the land.
  • The word of a tyrant shall be my command.
  • Death before sobriety.
  • I shall gain strength by making others weak.
  • Every grave I shall despoil, every tomb I shall rob.

Do you have any anti-paladin oaths of your own? Why not post them in the comments below?