Ant, Gargantuan

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d4 (10d10 in hive)
Alignment:  Neutral"
Movement: 90’ (30’)
AC: -2
HD: 22
Attacks: 1 mandible or 1 acid spray
Damage: 5d6 or 10d6
Save: L20
Morale: 5
Hoard Class: None

These giant ants first appeared in the deserts of the United States back as early as 1954. They are the direct result of exposure to massive amounts of radiation which were caused from the numerous nuclear tests carried out in the years following World War 2.

The original mutated ants were hunted down and wiped out, although the scientists of that time were able to enter the hive and brought out numerous eggs that had yet to develop. These eggs were kept stored away in laboratories and were later extensively studied by the Ancients to locate and isolate the genes that caused such a massive increase in the size of the creatures.

It is because of this knowledge that the wasteland scholars are no longer sure if the massive hives that can be found throughout the world are the result of further mutation caused by the radiation and other toxins released during the fall of the Ancients, or if these were used as weapons by the Ancients against their enemies and the creatures not only survived by flourished in the toxic environment.

These Gargantuan ants are ten feet tall at the shoulder and thirty feet in length. They are covered with a very thick exoskeleton that is incredibly dense and very, very hard. As a result, the gargantuan ants are immune to all physical attacks.

Despite this fact, there are two things that stand between these creatures and global domination. First, they are still vulnerable to energy, chemical and mental attacks. Secondly, the Queen of the hive.

As with their much smaller cousins, the Gargantuan Ants live in a complex hive structure, with one queen and the rest of the creatures being divided up between workers, scouts hunter / gatherers and warriors. They have no fear of death simply because they are of a hive mind and the individual isn’t important, only the life of the hive itself.

That having been said, only the Queen is truly intelligent. The rest have the intellect of animals at best, but the Queen herself, her intellect far surpasses that of even most humans and other creatures.

As a result, she can be dealt with through negotiation and so forth, as long as the creature is telepathic. She isn’t above reason and will listen to any petitioners (which as stated has to be done telepathically because no other living creatures, save the ants themselves, are allowed in her presence).

Quite often the Queen is willing to compromise in order to maintain the peace, and as long as the petitioners request does not harm her, the hive, or her offspring in any way. There are even some tribes and villages that live in harmony with Gargantuan Ants, each working and helping the other for mutual benefit and protection.

Albeit such arrangements are exceedingly rare.

The ants produce pheromones which serve several different purposes. These