Another Runequestification - Cuz I can't Wait for Runequest Thursday - Spell - Wood to Cork!

Clint Staples

Will Thrasher left the D20 spellifier running for the last several weeks, So the Boss told us to clear out some of the extra stock. Because I can't really do anything about that other than to sow additional confusion, I thought I would convert another of Will's Nuisance Spells for the use of upstanding Eurmal tricksters everywhere. See the Runequestified version of Clown Shoes for more on Eurmal.


So here is Will Thrasher's Cork Bat - run through the Runequestifier we bought a while back.


Wood to Cork [Cult Spell - Eurmal]  Cost - 1000 Lunars

Magnitude 2

Casting Time 1 action

Range POW in Yards

Target one non-magical wooden object or wooden creature, part of a wooden weapon is considered acceptable.

Duration 5 Minutes, or Instant as an attack on a wooden creature

POW check If the item is in someone's possession, a POW vs. POW check is required. If successful, the victim is unaware of the spell or the POW attack.

Materials A Jester's Bat, Baton, or similar is swung two handed and horizontally, as though cutting wood, as a necessary somatic component of this spell.

A single wooden item that you target transforms into cork for the duration of the spell. The object becomes suddenly lighter and is much less durable, but otherwise appears unchanged (a Spot Hidden, or, in the case of an affected weapon, an appropriate Weapon Skill would alert a person to the change). Objects transformed by this spell have their HP and hardness halved. If cast upon a large object this spell can effect up to 1 cubic foot of wood per caster level. Cast in such a way, a cunning jester can chop down a tree in seconds, carve a child's toy with ease or slice through the panel of an oak door with a butter knife.

Wooden weapons, or those with a wooden haft [such as an axe] transformed by this spell inflict half damage, and have all AP and HP halved as well. Any magic present on the weapon, even temporary magic such as Bludgeon or Bladesharp, negates Wood to Cork.

Against a wooden creature, including a Gloranthan elf or wood warrior, a wooden construct or any living or unliving wooden 'creature', this spell instantly deals 2d6 points of damage to a single location of the creature and negates the creature's natural armor in the same location for the rest of that round.