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New episodes Thursdays at 8pm CST!

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Submitted by Michael O. Varhola on Apr 25
As I write this, I am traveling northwest in rough seas through the Red Sea aboard Celebrity Constellation, which I signed on to a week ago as Special Interest Speaker.
Submitted by Brendan Cass on Apr 21
Mike and I have begun generating the content that is going to go into the Swords of Kos RPG, using my Swords of Infinity rules engine, and during this process I've found some gaps that needed addressing.
Submitted by Eric Lis on Apr 16
Nobody really knows quite what it means to say that two animals are different species.  


This post has attached to it a high-resolution PDF containing a printable miniature of Ordin, an Orc Wizard/Bartender (along with his familiar Sleipder, a tiny blue fiendish spider)! 
This miniature is bonus content for “Into the Mines of Moira,” an adventure by Skirmisher Publishing for the 5th Edition role-playing game system that can be found on the DriveThruRPG at RPGNow online game stores. 
"Into the Mines of Moira" can be used with Skirmisher's Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting or easily dropped into traditional fantasy campaign setting. 
More human than human.

On last night's episode of d-Infinity Live, a the following question was posed: "Should there be human racial variations as there are for nearly all other races?" As always, my answer was yes. However, it's not enough to agree with a sentiment. As a designer, I have to make my answer manifest in game. In Pathfinder, the human race looks something like this:

In our show last night, D-Infinity Live: A Day at the Races, in which we talked about race and species design for RPGs, we had an opportunity to speak about the Shard, a race I created for my Knights-Marshal of the Commonwealth setting, which Skirmisher Publishing will be publishing using the Ragnarok Game Engine.

Live February 23rd, at 9pm EST

Currently we are compiling “Oddities for a Tavern", which you are encouraged to read and even contribute to, if you feel so moved. 

Some of these oddities are various sorts of liquors that might be available at a fantasy tavern, so I thought I would work them out in Runequest terms – in case your characters are brave enough to try one next time they have the opportunity.

Narasinhai are humanoid lions, fierce warriors who believe themselves to be the earthly descendants of a deity of the same form who laid waste armies of infernal opponents in ages past. Most stand little more than five feet in height but appear to be exceptionally stout and muscular, and are naturally armed with retractile claws and fearsome teeth. They have long tails and are covered with orangeish fur that they shave into patterns indicative of rank, clan, status, cult membership, and various honors, revealing the blue-gray skin underneath. 

In this episode the party faces off against their toughest foe yet, a multi-colored hydra. Paros almost dies, and our fighters figure out how to take down a foe with really tough armor.

For this past week's d-Infinity Live!, Will laid out the Fixer-Upper Challenge: each of us had to pick a game we consider to be one of the worst ever and try to change it into something we would actually want to play. While there are plenty of games that I find to be tedious or poorly designed, there is almost no game I will pass up a chance to play if it means I get to spend time with other adult humans. You see, I work from home and am a stay-at-home-mom so even a lousy game is a rare chance for some social interaction.