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Submitted by Clint Staples on Feb 28
Riffing on the system that I developed for Runequest, based on Chris Nan Deelen’s article detailing the Brute Tattoo, I decided to write up a system for magical Tattoos in Ragnarok! The RPG of the Viking Apocalypse.
Submitted by Michael O. Varhola on Feb 28
During the most recent episode of our weekly "d-Infinity Live!" show, my co-hosts and I discussed our various methodologies for designing RPG character races. 
Submitted by Chris Van Deelen on Feb 28
Surprise. Another week and I’ve managed to post another blog. This week was pretty much like every other week … work, not able to take a break during lunch to write, so that story I have been trying to finish is still in the works. We shall see what next week happens to look like.


Strange mutant humanoids found only in the vast ruins across the globe. They cannot stand natural light, and as such have taken to living in the underground, only coming to the surface during the darkness. Even heavy cloud cover will not protect these beings from the harmful effects of Ultraviolet radiation.

Physically the beings are vaguely human, with two arms and legs, a thin waist coupled with a broad shoulder. Typically the creatures are only about four feet in height, and weigh about sixty pounds, making them ideal for the conditions they live in. The arms are more like tentacles, and are supremely flexible, allowing the creatures to strike at anything behind them without suffering penalties. The legs are extremely long, and end in three small toes. The head is completely bald, with one massive eye taking up over 60% of the front. This eye does not possess any sort of eyelid. As a result the eye is constantly ‘weeping’ in order to keep it from drying out.

Imanaged to get around to watching Cell, based on the same book by Stephen King. It certainly was intense during some of the scenes, but it really deviated from the novel, and as you would expect, a great deal.

And I was not happy with how it ended.

I finished Orbs by Nicholas Sansbury Smith. This novel takes place around 2061, almost ten years after the Earth was ravaged by a solar flare. Humanity is still struggling to survive, and is looking towards the stars.

Abaddon’s Gate, book three in the expanse series by James S. A. Corey.

This is excellent space-opera, which finds James Holden once again caught up in the events surrounding the gate constructed by the Protomolecule at the end of the second novel.

Alchemical substances are among the most fun and intriguing sorts of items readily available to players and, properly employed by the clever or the lucky, can turn the tide of a melee in favor of those using them. There are, however, two shortfalls in the way that alchemical substances are presented in the official D&D rules, one fairly significant and the other much less so, and this article seeks to address them both. 

Live January 5th at 9pm!

Here are a couple of mechamagical constructs, remnants of the Machine City that have survived to the modern day Clanking Ruin. They are not commonly available and represent rare and valuable, and deadly, and expensive, items retrieved from the Ruin, sometimes as considerable loss of life.

They could just as easily await discovery by explorers of the Clanking Ruin, which allows groups of players ot find, possible, fight or otherwise take control of, and return with as spoils.

As promised, I have begun a new weekly page. This will be all original magic items to be used in any Pathfinder game.

Just like when it comes to creating new monsters using Pathfinder, I am learning how to create magic items, so please forgive any mistakes I make. As time progresses I'll get better at it!

Right now I will probably write up a simple item once a week, as I become more comfortable with the construction rules, I may write up more.