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Submitted by Derek Holland on May 26
Submitted by Chris Van Deelen on May 26
For those of you who are reading this, I hope you realize this is an actual video blog as well! Just click on the image in the header of this blog and you can listen to the blog instead of taking the time to read it. Much to my surprise I have something to talk about this blog. So much so, this blog is nearly three times as long as my average blog tends to be. So you have the choice… read it, or watch / listen to the blog! Choice is always a good thing.
Submitted by Clint Staples on May 20
This week's D-infinity Challenge was Hometown History! The gauntlet thrown down by artist and frequent guest Amanda Kahl was to take some historical event or series of events in a place where you have lived long enough to have a postal address, and turn it into something gameable - and Ideally - fun!


Seeing as I am posting after the d-Infinity Amusical Proposition Challenge, I thought my answer should have a twist. So instead of using music to create a game, I'll do the opposite — find a piece of music that suits a game or setting and, more specifically, creations that have been featured at d-Infinity Online. The first three are my main answer but there were others that almost added themselves! 

Live on March 23rd at 9pm EST

The very first RPG I ever played was Melee/ Wizard. These were a pair of small box sets about the size of a pocket book that offered the possibility of gladiatorial style combats in a fantasy setting.

With the release of the Player's Guide to the Aegean for BASH Fantasy, BASH players have just about everything they need to play in the awesome Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting!

Skirmisher Publishing has launched a new "Creatures of the Wastelands" Bundle at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow with that includes seven of its post-apocalyptic gaming titles for 47% off together!
Publications in this bundle include five licensed Mutant Future sourcebooks that can be used with any appropriate OSR/Basic system games — such as the original Gamma World RPG — and two sets of Cardstock Characters miniatures, "Morlocks" and the mutant "Thrasher Gang." 

A couple of weeks back, on "d-Infinity Live!," we had a lively conversation about travel and encounters as it relates to RPGs. At the time, I mentioned that in Ragnarok! time was measured, with the paired concepts of Scenes and Interludes. Today, I would like to expand on that notion. 

In this exciting episode, the posse follows a distress signal to a mysterious abandoned complex and encounter a party of doomed Brownjackets, an awful lot of corrosive ooze, and a monster that feeds on the fear of its victims. Plus, our posse's fearless leader, Hopalong "Rook" Tachibana, gets bested by an escalator and suffers multiple grievous wounds at the hands of his companions. 

As many already know I have taken time away from creating material for any system. This is due to several factors, one of which is the fact I have yet to deal with a loss in real life, even though it has been over two months now.

Still I need to get to work on converting the 500+ creatures I have created for OSR games over the past six (yes, SIX) years to be used for Both Pathfinder and the upcoming Starfinder RPG.

This was the last creation I had written but never posted, and hopefully starting next week I'll be able to convert the first of many creatures in preparation for the (at least in my case), highly anticipated game.