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New episodes Thursdays at 8pm CST!

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Submitted by Michael O. Varhola on Apr 25
As I write this, I am traveling northwest in rough seas through the Red Sea aboard Celebrity Constellation, which I signed on to a week ago as Special Interest Speaker.
Submitted by Brendan Cass on Apr 21
Mike and I have begun generating the content that is going to go into the Swords of Kos RPG, using my Swords of Infinity rules engine, and during this process I've found some gaps that needed addressing.
Submitted by Eric Lis on Apr 16
Nobody really knows quite what it means to say that two animals are different species.  


Join the d-Infinity Playtest team as they work out more of the kinks in Swords of Infinity. In this episode the party gains the favor of the virtuous dead in the Castle of the Righteous! Will this save them from being punished by the Judges of the Dead?

During the most recent episode of our weekly “d-Infinity Live!” show, “The Road Goes Ever On,” we covered travel in role-playing games and one of the things we ended up discussing was environmental hazards that might pose problems for characters. In the course of answering a question from a reader, I talked about how it was important to me to incorporate natural hazards of various sorts into the 21 encounter tables, both nation-based and terrain-based, that appear in Skirmisher Publishing’s Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting. In order to more fully share this concept with d-Infinity readers not already familiar with this detailed milieu, I have extracted the environmental encounters that appear on most of these tables and consolidated them into what appears here. 

Live on March 9th, 9pm EST

One of the races I created for the Aegean setting of the Swords of Kos is the Antaeans. Descendants of Antaeas, a giant who fought and lost, a wrestling match with Herakles, they fit the setting very well.

Following is a new Background for the 5th Edition role-playing game system, the Combat Engineer, a type of military professional skilled at tasks like construction of defensive works, investiture of fortified places, and creation of infrastructure like roads and bridges — much of which can be nicely applied to a dungeon environment! It is listed as the background for Trodecarn, one of the pre-generated characters included with Skirmisher Publishing's new "Into the Mines of Moira" adventure for 5th Edition and is being posted here as bonus content to this module. This terrific image, which also appears in Skirmisher's Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting, is by fantasy artist Amanda Kahl. 

Acupuncture Needles

Monks have used these needles to heal all manner of injury and treat various ailments. Working with wizards and clerics, monks have discovered ways to use the needles to treat magically inflicted ailments as well. It typically requires one minute to apply the needles, and once this has been accomplished, the effects will occur. Typically the needles can only be used once every 24 hours, and there are no negative effects for using multiple types of needles. The magical enchantment on the needles does not wear off so they can be used again and again. Note that anyone can use these acupuncture needles.

Attunement is a simple method of preventing characters to stay within the mechanical limitations for bounded accuracy and yet the rules for it are boring to be honest. They work obviously but a Game Master could modify them to make them more thematic, wondrous or to provide more adventure hooks.

Attunement can also be used for other forms of magic and this article introduces the Mystical Location. 

Following is the start of a list of d100 terrible superhero names! I am confident that the ones I have come up with so far are pretty bad, while acknowledging that they still fall short of the pretentious banality of something like a Harley Quinn ("Hohoho! Her name is Harley Quinn and she's a harlequin! She's so 'random.'").

Can you do worse?