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New episodes Thursdays at 8pm CST!

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Submitted by Michael O. Varhola on Apr 25
As I write this, I am traveling northwest in rough seas through the Red Sea aboard Celebrity Constellation, which I signed on to a week ago as Special Interest Speaker.
Submitted by Brendan Cass on Apr 21
Mike and I have begun generating the content that is going to go into the Swords of Kos RPG, using my Swords of Infinity rules engine, and during this process I've found some gaps that needed addressing.
Submitted by Eric Lis on Apr 16
Nobody really knows quite what it means to say that two animals are different species.  


The following short story, "The Man Who Sold Rope to the Gnoles," was originally published in 1950 by author Margaret St. Clair (aka, Idris Seabright). It appears in an expanded edition of Skirmisher Publishing LLC's A Brief History of Gnolls: Anthropophagy and Emeralds from Wales to Wisconsin and Beyond, a book by author Paul Haynie that traces the history of the title fantasy creature in literature and gaming, from when it was introduced nearly a century ago up through the present. 

During our "d-Infinity Live!" episode on Super Villains we both talked about the characteristics of such archetypal antagonists and alluded to Chaps & AppsTM , my sci-fi/Western variant for the D&D 5th Edition rules! I therefore thought it would be appropriate to share here the first super villain that I have created for C&ATM

Duke Kownteau is a powerful official of the Asiatic government that dominates the solar system and dresses accordingly, favoring high-collared and elaborately embroidered silk coats in an Oriental style. He has a great deal of autonomy and, while he is unquestionably as bad and oppressive as the regime he represents, he has many independent schemes and might therefore end up serving variously as an antagonist, a patron, or both to a character posse. 

Live on March 16th at 9pm EST

An ancient battlefield, still reeking of death and destruction after a thousand years. A well of mystic potential, sought by generations of sages and mages. You don’t need a dungeon –magical locations are a cool way to motivate your heroes to adventure. Here is a way to build them for Runequest, though the process is essentially system neutral, so you can just insert whatever rules you use.


A Name has Power

This is the second Monk Magical item preview for the upcoming Pathfinder sourcebook.

Monks spend a great deal of time battling the forces of evil, especially those from the Abyss or infernal realms. As such, they have discovered a way to create a healing balm from the blood of the very creatures they often have to battle.

Following is the introduction to the section on Encounters in Skirmisher Publishing's Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting! On the most recent episode of the “d-Infinity Live!” show, “The Road Goes Ever On,” we talked about random encounters and their relationship to travel in general, and I mentioned the Kos milieu a number of times in particular, and I therefore wanted to share some of the pertinent material that appears in it. 

As characters explore Kos and, ultimately, the islands and countries that lie beyond it throughout the Mediterranean and the lands of Europe, Asia, Africa, and other places, they will encounter, sometimes completely by chance, all sorts of characters, creatures, and conditions. 

Following is a new Background for the 5th Edition role-playing game system, the Koan, a citizen of the city-state of Kos in Skirmisher Publishing's Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting

Residents of Kos tend to be more cosmopolitan than those of lands visited by fewer foreigners and, as such, are often also more open minded and tolerant. Koans often adopt a pretense of gruffness that masks an underlying desire to be helpful. They tend to do well in dynamic environments and to enjoy things like barter, learning how the world works, and chatting with people from other places about faraway lands. 

Last Thursday the D-infinity Live Episode "The Road Goes Ever Onward" focused on the trials and tribulations of travel in RPGs. At one point I started talking about fire as it is represented in RPGs. I thought I would write a little about that here.