The d-Infinity Independent Game Awards

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Submitted by Clint Staples on Feb 28
Riffing on the system that I developed for Runequest, based on Chris Nan Deelen’s article detailing the Brute Tattoo, I decided to write up a system for magical Tattoos in Ragnarok! The RPG of the Viking Apocalypse.
Submitted by Michael O. Varhola on Feb 28
During the most recent episode of our weekly "d-Infinity Live!" show, my co-hosts and I discussed our various methodologies for designing RPG character races. 
Submitted by Chris Van Deelen on Feb 28
Surprise. Another week and I’ve managed to post another blog. This week was pretty much like every other week … work, not able to take a break during lunch to write, so that story I have been trying to finish is still in the works. We shall see what next week happens to look like.


Welcome to Skirmisher Publishing LLC's d-Infinity Online gaming magazine! We enjoyed meeting you at Comicpalooza in Houston over Memorial Day Weekend and hope you had the opportunity to stop by our booth or play in one of our games.

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Welcome to Skirmisher Publishing LLC's d-Infinity Online game magazine! We very much enjoyed meeting you at OwlCon at the Rice University campus in Houston and appreciate you stopping by our booth or playing in one of our games.