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Submitted by Clint Staples on Feb 28
Riffing on the system that I developed for Runequest, based on Chris Nan Deelen’s article detailing the Brute Tattoo, I decided to write up a system for magical Tattoos in Ragnarok! The RPG of the Viking Apocalypse.
Submitted by Michael O. Varhola on Feb 28
During the most recent episode of our weekly "d-Infinity Live!" show, my co-hosts and I discussed our various methodologies for designing RPG character races. 
Submitted by Chris Van Deelen on Feb 28
Surprise. Another week and I’ve managed to post another blog. This week was pretty much like every other week … work, not able to take a break during lunch to write, so that story I have been trying to finish is still in the works. We shall see what next week happens to look like.


If you read last week's Runequest Thursday, about Starion, the Doomsword, you will recall that the Brightwaters, in attempting to steal the wyverns from the Lunar garrison at Anchor Home in the Clanking Ruin, also had a couple of side-missions, just to complicate matters.

Myrmidons were created by the gods to repopulate a land where nearly everyone was killed by a terrible plague after its ruler, the only survivor, prayed that his country be made as populous as a nearby ant colony. Its inhabitants were, accordingly, transferred into people that were manlike in form but which remained antlike in many other ways. Myrmidons are generally tall, and often proportioned like Olympic athletes, but there their similarity to Humans ends. In place of skin, Myrmidons are covered with bronze-colored chitin that resembles full plate armor of an ancient style, and this is often augmented with paint, crests of feathers or horsehair, and other decorations. 

The best adventures begin and end in taverns, but in the hurlyburly world of professional adventuring, there's no reason why a tavern can't become an adventure in itself. And so the mad barmen of d-Infinity bring you a new ever growing, ever evolving list of oddities to breath new and wondrous life into the watering holes where your heroes wet their whistles!

In this segment of their ongoing adventure, the party breaks into the lighthouse lair of Charon the ferryman, battles Hellhounds, steals mirrors, betrays friends, and discusses naming conventions for crocodiles — and, finally, concludes that they are trapped in the Underworld!

Join us for an exciting, fun, and sometimes hilarious session of the Swords of Infinity roleplaying game run by storyteller Brendan Cass and featuring Jeff Carucci as barbaric Elf Parthenia, Chris Leong as slovenly Dwarf combat engineer Trodecarn, Jesse Roy as fanatic of Poseidon Neleus, Sam Slusky as agent of fortune Desdinova, and Michael O. Varhola as alchemical rogue Paros. 

Skirmisher Publishing is excited to announce the release of “100 Oddities for a Found Car,” the latest entry in its best-selling series of “Oddities” mini-sourcebooks! It is available from online venues that include DriveThruRPGRPGNow, and DriveThruFiction (10 pages, 99 cents).

This latest edition of the Oddities series addresses items that might be found variously in the trunk, glove compartment, or elsewhere inside a vehicle found by characters. It is primarily intended for use with modern, horror, post-apocalyptic, or near-future science fiction role-playing game scenarios. 

At, we design and publish games, but we also follow others who do the same. Here is the rundown on some exciting games coming out this year!

Paizo Publishing wants to take your adventures off world with Starfinder, the Science Fiction adaptation of their popular Pathfinder Fantasy RPG! Their strong design skills should make this something special! Coming August 2017!

Live February 9th, 9pm EST

Here is a recent magical weapon and relic that made a guest appearance in my Brightwater campaign.