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New episodes Thursdays at 8pm CST!

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Submitted by Michael O. Varhola on Apr 25
As I write this, I am traveling northwest in rough seas through the Red Sea aboard Celebrity Constellation, which I signed on to a week ago as Special Interest Speaker.
Submitted by Brendan Cass on Apr 21
Mike and I have begun generating the content that is going to go into the Swords of Kos RPG, using my Swords of Infinity rules engine, and during this process I've found some gaps that needed addressing.
Submitted by Eric Lis on Apr 16
Nobody really knows quite what it means to say that two animals are different species.  


The last week or two I have been reworking spells from Metagaming's classic The Fantasy Trip, specifically Advanced Wizard, into my own

A few months back we published a table of strange elements, rare substances varying in value and usefulness, from ignoble fool's silver to the dangerous but life-preserving red amber. Now we turn our attention to a different kind of element. What follows is a table of material components that can increase the potency of various spells, along with where these components can be found and how much a single use costs.

Last week's Episode of D-Infinity Live was on Dragons in RPGs - what we like, what we hate, how to play them and make them special - i.e. awesome, memorable, and terrifying! We touched a little bit about dragons and what they represent cosmically, or at least cosmologically, in an RPG. We talked about what makes a dragon, including the shape, number of limbs (if any), whether it flies, breathes fire or something else, etc. 

Let's get together and make life in the laboratory. No homunculus!

There's more to an alchemist's workshop than a pestle and mortar and 1d10 bubbling beakers.

The party travels through the 3rd circle of hell. Pelias summons a whale and gives it wings!

Following is a writeup and stats for an Adult Brown Dragon, one of the creatures that appears in the sourcebook on "Men & Monsters of Ethiopia" I wrote for Skirmisher Publishing! Stats for this monster at three different age categories, Wyrmling, Young, and Ancient, appear both in this book and the spinoff mini-publication "Brown Dragon." I was especially pleased with what I accomplished with this monster and, in the wake talking "All About Dragons" on a recent episode of "d-Infinity Live!", wanted to share it with anyone not yet familiar with it. 

These long, legless dragons are the offspring of Vrita, a huge immortal dragon defeated in an ancient battle with Indra. In this battle several scales were torn loose from Vrita and fell to earth, where they sprung to life and became vriti. Their name means "obstruction" and it is the mission of these monsters to prevent people from acquiring whatever it is they need. Resources such as water are typical.This is one of the many monsters I developed for my "Indian Adventures" campaign many years ago and the file containing this writeup was dated December 1995. It is stat'ed for 2nd Edition AD&D but can easily be adapted for use with any other edition of the game. 

Following is bonus material from the "Three Plant Monsters" article for the Lance and Laser RPG that appears in d-Infinity Volume #3: Children of the Night and which is fully compatible with the Pathfinder RPG! The Veggizombie Pod is a mobile plant that hunts down living humanoids to use in its reproductive cycle.