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Submitted by Clint Staples on Feb 28
Riffing on the system that I developed for Runequest, based on Chris Nan Deelen’s article detailing the Brute Tattoo, I decided to write up a system for magical Tattoos in Ragnarok! The RPG of the Viking Apocalypse.
Submitted by Michael O. Varhola on Feb 28
During the most recent episode of our weekly "d-Infinity Live!" show, my co-hosts and I discussed our various methodologies for designing RPG character races. 
Submitted by Chris Van Deelen on Feb 28
Surprise. Another week and I’ve managed to post another blog. This week was pretty much like every other week … work, not able to take a break during lunch to write, so that story I have been trying to finish is still in the works. We shall see what next week happens to look like.


Narasinhai are humanoid lions, fierce warriors who believe themselves to be the earthly descendants of a deity of the same form who laid waste armies of infernal opponents in ages past. Most stand little more than five feet in height but appear to be exceptionally stout and muscular, and are naturally armed with retractile claws and fearsome teeth. They have long tails and are covered with orangeish fur that they shave into patterns indicative of rank, clan, status, cult membership, and various honors, revealing the blue-gray skin underneath. 

In this episode the party faces off against their toughest foe yet, a multi-colored hydra. Paros almost dies, and our fighters figure out how to take down a foe with really tough armor.

For this past week's d-Infinity Live!, Will laid out the Fixer-Upper Challenge: each of us had to pick a game we consider to be one of the worst ever and try to change it into something we would actually want to play. While there are plenty of games that I find to be tedious or poorly designed, there is almost no game I will pass up a chance to play if it means I get to spend time with other adult humans. You see, I work from home and am a stay-at-home-mom so even a lousy game is a rare chance for some social interaction.

Skirmisher Publishing is pleased to announce release of “Into the Mines of Moira,” an adventure for the 5th Edition role-playing game system! This adventure by game designer Michael O. Varhola is fully illustrated by fantasy artist Amanda Kahl and available through DriveThruRPG and RPGNow (28 page, $4.99). We hope you enjoy it!
Something has invaded Moira's, a popular Dwarven restaurant established in an old mine in the hills outside of the city where your party is currently adventuring! Now, it falls to you to learn what ancient evil has crawled up from the depths, to drive it out if possible, and to rescue an ill-fated squad of Dwarf militiamen if they are still alive. 

In response to Will's Fixer Upper challenge I decided that, not having a particularly strong grudge against any one specific game, that I would go about "fixing up" every tabletop RPG ever made. I realized that the times when I was not enjoying myself at the gaming table really had very little to do with the game itself, but rather the people I was playing with, and so, Meta Props™ was born.

This is a slightly expanded version of my response to the Fixer-Upper Challenge Episode of D-Infinity Live, in which I took Vampire: The Dark Ages, and made it something different. I will probably develop this enough to run it for a future D-Infinity Plays episode! Maybe even for publication, in the fullness of time.

Wonderland Chess is a variant on the game of Chess that incorporates themes from the Lewis Carroll books Alice Through the Looking Glass and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Because it adds random, unpredictable, and arbitrary elements, it reduces Chess from a game of pure skill to one merely of social enjoyment, ensuring it will be enjoyed by those who are not good at chess and resented by those who are.

Live on February 16 at 9pm EST