Buck Who? Chapter 25 After spending so much time in the City of Scav Haven, Ra'naa, Tara, Declan, Babs and Otres are finally home. The group found several new potential allies along the way. Bradly Travis is disheartened to discover he will not be returing to the compound. Quite the opposite in fact, he and his men are to...
Buck Who? Chapter 24 The Androids deal with the aftermath of the attack. Joey leaves the city of Scav Haven only to run into a group of redneck Purist wannabes. Ra'naa and her people hope for an uneventful journey home, but the fates simply will not allow this to happen. Rated A for violence.
Buck Who? Chapter 23 After spending so much time in Scav Haven, Ra'naa and the group finally leave, although not on the terms they had wished to. The assassin failed. Drones are sent after the Installation. Arleen and Andy escape the city and begin searching for a new life. Rated R for adult situations and violence.
Buck Who? Chapter 22 The inhabitants of the Installation are discovered and their enemy ends up sending something very unexpected and deadly their way. Arleen makes a break for freedom, and finds an unexpected but welcome ally along the way. The transfer takes place at last, freeing both Declan and Babs. Joey, AKA Wrench,...
Buck Who? Chapter 21 The merchandise is purchased and Otres is ready to do his part. The aftermath of the murder hits home. Wrench, AKA Joey, makes a new friend while keeping his eyes on the Purists, and then runs into some very unexpected trouble.
Buck Who? Chapter 20 After speaking to Otres, Declan comes clean about Babs to the group. Ra'naa meets with representatives from several factions to try and enlist their aid in the upcoming war. Wrench is given permission to intervene on behalf of the group. The Purists ready a new toy in the search for whoever had taken...
Buck Who? Chapter 19 The Purists are getting closer to discovering who took control of the Recon Satellite. Babs has some devastating news for Declan, which forces him to make some tough choices. Ra'naa and Otres are concerned for Declan's mental Health. And lots more!
Failure Ronnath reflects on his past and all the failures he has encountered. This is more of a narrative from the first person view than an actual story, but I decided to post it anyhow!
Buck Who? Chapter 18 Weapons are found and purchased. More potential allies are discovered on both sides. Bradly finds his reputation does not help him as much as he thought it would. Rated R for adult situations and language.
Blood is Blood With the future not set, Natheria is visited by an old friend. She learns what is about to happen, and also a very important fact about Ronnath and his adoptive daughter, Cheonsa.
Buck Who? Chapter 17 Only the first night in the city of Scav Haven and already they have discovered it is going to be an interesting trip. Bradly Travis learns the reputation the Purists have is a double-edged sword. Otres has a chance encounter that could change his life. Rated A for foul language.
Tattoo This story is all about how Ronnath got the facial Tattoo that is visible in the image I had commissioned last month. It's a bit longer than my usual fare, this story is just shy of 13,500 words long. I hope you enjoy!