Return to the Necropolis: Chapter 8 (Day 2)

Michael O. Varhola

item they had found thus far that did appear to be enchanted). The wizard had already suspected this, of course, and had spent some time playing with the item the night before. While the other party members had been somewhat disappointed to discover when its stopper was removed that the bottle was empty, Pumayo had been hopeful — albeit apropos of nothing — that it might somehow have the power to transmute substances put within it, and had experimented with it to determine if this were the case. When he had attempted to pour some water into it, however, it was somehow prevented from entering the bottle — and after some examination he perceived that a slight but steady current of air emanated from the container! Pumayo was as excited about his discovery as the women were indifferent to it, although Paros was politely interested in it, and no one objected to the wizard laying claim to the esoteric device. 

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