Return to the Necropolis: Chapter 5

Michael O. Varhola

one directly across from the niche they had opened, however, fired straight at Parthenia, and she now knelt on the floor, a large bolt embedded up to its broad fletchings in her leg. Although in great pain, the hardy barbarian waved away her friend when she came to render assistance and, afraid to speak lest she reveal her discomfort, simply pointed toward Paros. 

Squatting beside the grievously injured rogue, Selene bade Pumayo assist her and then proceeded to remove the missile from Paros, causing him to scream in agony and nearly pass out as she did. He lay there panting, seeing nothing but a large black spot before his eyes, as she laid her hands upon him and then cast her most potent healing spell.

Even that robust prayer was not quite enough to completely heal the wound, but did reduce it to a shallow, seeping cut, and Selene knew that any life-threatening damage to the man's organs had been reversed. Pumayo had, naturally, seen divine healing before but was nonetheless bemused by it when he considered postulations he had heard of worlds where magic was weak or even nonexistent. In such a place they would even now be comforting a dying companion and preparing to move on without him — as they also would, of course, if they were engaged in this adventure without the association of a cleric.

Selene then turned to the other woman and, in short order, removed the bolt embedded in her leg and used her second-best healing spell to knit the shredded muscles and stanch the flow of blood. Her spell completely healed the Elf and there was nothing but an innocuous mark and a smear of congealing blood on her thigh and hand to indicate that she had been injured at all. 

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