Return to the Necropolis: Chapter 4

Michael O. Varhola

"Well, if this symbol has no significance then there is no reason that we should not remove it and can do so as the first step in getting this room organized," Pumayo said. "I have a minor spell that will neatly erase it in short order ... "

"Don't!" Selene said. "That might offend the god."

Pumayo paused, having elicited the response he was hoping for.

"Oh, I am sorry!" he said. "I did not realize that this was the symbol of Kronos and believed it to be, as you suggested, different in some way."

"Well, it is different, because I have never seen it drawn on a wall in charcoal," Selene said. "But it is still the symbol of Kronos and it would be impious to destroy it."

"Ah, I see!" Pumayo said, raising his hands and stepping back ceremoniously. "Thank you for clarifying that, priestess. I have nothing but the greatest reverence for Lord Kronos and will not do anything to defile his symbol now that I know that is what this is."

"Alright, so what are we dealing with here?" Paros asked. "Titan-worshipping Dwarves on a rampage? Selene, I know you worship a Titan, too," he said quickly to the indignation he knew was about to follow, "but I have never seen you do anything like this and whoever did is clearly not of a like mind with you. So, our problem is not with Titans, it is with whatever people have been defiling this place, making it unusable for us, and making the job of retrieving our treasure more difficult."

During their first venture into the necropolis, the party had collected a huge amount of treasure from the various subterranean tombs and vaults they had explored and looted and, before they had left, had sorted through and selected the most valuable items to carry out with them. What they had left behind, however, was still worth a small fortune. Their plan on this venture had been to have the three companions with ram-skull amulets cross over the stream of the Styx, collect as much as they could of the treasure from where they had hidden it while Selene waited locked in the alchemical laboratory, and then return to Kos with packs full of loot, repeating this process one or two more times until all of the hoard had been retrieved. Now, however, there was no safe