Return to the Necropolis: Chapter 3

Michael O. Varhola

to the ancient deity in an inhuman tongue, evoking shudders from Parthenia in particular. In the course of these oblations, he also burned a block of incense before the idol, causing dark smoke and a strange, composite odor to waft off of it.

After Paros had revealed his plans during their preparations for the venture, Parthenia, too, had decided to make an offering before the likeness of Herakles, monster slayer extraordinaire and god of strength. She placed in the metal dish before the muscular bronze man a handful of rare dried herbs that she had gathered during her last venture to mainland Anatolia and then used flint and steel to ignite them with a spark. Gray, aromatic smoke curled up from the smoldering herbs, and in her native Elven tongue the barbaric woman prayed to the god for power in whatever struggles might lie ahead of her.

Selene alone did not make offering before any of the idols, which represented the gods of a pantheon opposed to the primordial Titans that she worshipped. The rustic priestess had, in fact, during their planning session bluntly expressed her intention to destroy the statues — albeit with no clear description of how she would accomplish this — but her companions had insisted that this would be both unwise and contrary to their own goals. So, while the other party members made their devotions she simply stood to one side with a blank look on her face.

These activities completed, the party formed up and descended into the catacombs. 

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