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The d-Infinity Independent Game Awards

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New episodes Thursdays at 8pm CST!

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The following short story, "The Man Who Sold Rope to the Gnoles," was originally published in 1950 by author Margaret St. Clair (aka, Idris Seabright). It appears in an expanded edition of Skirmisher Publishing LLC's A Brief History of Gnolls: Anthropophagy and Emeralds from Wales to Wisconsin and Beyond, a book by author Paul Haynie that traces the history of the title fantasy creature in literature and gaming, from when it was introduced nearly a century ago up through the present. 

Following is "The Dinner Party," a fun piece of short fiction I wrote about a party of adventurers going out to eat one evening! It is set in the heart of the world described in Skirmisher Publishing's Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting, at a Dwarven restaurant called Moira's located on the outskirts of Kos City. This short story originally appeared in d-Infinity Volume #5: Full Circle and I am having it republished here as bonus content for my just-released "Into the Mines of Moira" adventure for 5th Edition D&D. 

With the future not set, Natheria is visited by an old friend. She learns what is about to happen, and also a very important fact about Ronnath and his adoptive daughter, Cheonsa.

One Night

Noise - the nearly physical oppression of raucous sound assailed Ronnath’s senses as he entered the tavern located on the docks of Waterdeep. The large room was filled almost to the point of bursting with all manner of people – humans, a smattering of Dwarves and Elves, and even a pair of Halflings. There was a trio of bards, boisterously playing off in one corner. The interior was so dim Ronnath felt his natural low-light vision kick in, allowing him a far better view.

It was scarcely dawn of day when we reached the bridge of Ashtarek. The village itself, situated on the brink of these banks, was just sufficiently lighted up to be distinguished from the rocks among which it was built: whilst the ruins of a large structure, of heavy architecture, rose conspicuous on the darkest side. This, my companions informed me, was the remains of the many Armenian churches so frequently seen in this part of Persia.

Ronnath reflects on his past and all the failures he has encountered.

This is more of a narrative from the first person view than an actual story, but I decided to post it anyhow!

"But why did you not follow your orders, and bring the ked khoda and the elders" said our chief. "If I had been there, the rogues, I would have roasted them alive. I would have tied them with the camel tie."

It has been almost a month since part 6, but here is the latest in the ongoing saga of the Brightwaters' adventures in  the Clanking Ruin.

A plain man, with a grey beard, humble mien, and still humbler clothing, stepped forward, and said, "Peace be with you, Aga. I am he; I am your servant. May your footsteps be fortunate, and your shadow never be less!"

Here is Part 6 of Robot Wasteland.