Launching Infinite Possibilities

Michael O. Varhola

Sometimes, it bears considering what is truly a "big thing" and what the the characteristics of such a thing are.  Suffice it to say that the launch of a state-of-the art website for  d-Infinity multi-platform game supplement has all of those characteristics. 

Over the past few months, my Skirmisher Publishing LLC , one of the co-publishers of d-Infinity, has released a number of significant, critically received books, including  The Jester Dragon's Guide to Defects  and Insults & Injuries: A Role-Playing Game Sourcebook for Medical Maladies , and to us these were certainly "big" things (all the more so because those books almost immediately hit a number of "hottest items" lists on various retail sites). While these books will be used and appreciated by innumerable gamers, however, it is unlikely that either will affect the game  industry itself. 

The new  d-Infinity online site , however -- which replaces a blogger page that the magazine has used as a placeholder pending the launch of a dedicated cutting-edge site -- promises to have broad impact. Some of its features include: 

* Insightful blogs by industry authors, artists, and publishers, including yours truly and William Thrasher. 

* Sections tying in with each of the game systems covered in the magazine, including d20/OGL,  PathfinderDungeons & Dragons  4E, Call of Cthulhu Cthulhu Live Mutant Future , and  Labyrinth Lord

* Departments corresponding to each of those currently appearing in d-Infinity (e.g., "Digital Dice," "Industry Interview," "Prop Room"), which sometimes mirror content from the magazine but also include unique material not found anywhere else. 

* Exclusive departments that only appear on the new site, including "Practical Modeling," which provides  guidance on creating and adapting props and models for tabletop games. 
There is much more, too much to cover here, so I will simply encourage you to check out this great new site for yourself. And feel free to let us and the managers of the site know what you think about it! It is already pretty impressive and, moving ahead, and is only going to get more so over the coming weeks and months.