A lot of downtime is spent first creating and then maintaining characters, be they player characters or NPCs. During those dreaded times when players need to create brand-new characters, the entire process can even take up a whole play session’s worth of time. Technology comes to the rescue in these situations in the form of character generators. 
BattleBards sound board

Today I’m pleased to be telling you about BattleBards, a group that is providing a collection of fantasy language voice-overs, monster soundscapes, ambient music, and more, plus the tools that allow any game master to create custom scores for their games. Having just raised $28,000 on Kickstarter ($23,000 over their original $5,000 goal) it’s pretty clear that gamers are excited about the concept – and they should be!

The following is a random tavern generator based on the excellent content contained in The Jester Dragon's Guide: Random Tavern Generator. If you like the taverns generated here, consider picking up a copy of the publication that inspired it at DriveThruRPG.

Advanced computer and magic users share many traits, their eccentric natures, their propensity to recluse themselves, and their shared taste for comfortable clothing. It stands to reason then, that if the respective users of these arcane skills share personality traits, that they might use their abilities in similar ways as well. One phenomenon that makes for a fascinating study, but lacks a magical counterpart, is computer malware.

Following is the Digital Dice article that appears in d-Infinity Volume #2: Lost Treasure

In May, d-Infinity laid out a comprehensive guide to remote tabletop gaming. Not included in that particular article, however, is Roll20 -- a piece of technology that was just concluding its Kickstarter campaign around the same time. The d-Infinity crew has since been able to try it out in a number of its own remote gaming sessions, and this piece will outline the team’s experience using it and why technology like Roll20 might be something to include in a game session.

Video games bring the convenience of on-the-spot game play coupled with sexy visual effects and preparation-free automation. Wouldn’t it be great if tabletop games could be just as sexy and convenient? (Pictured on the author’s own electronic gameboard is Peeslag the obese Antipaladin, from Armorcast’s line of Nuisances miniatures, as painted by Enrico Nardini.)