If there is a plan to avert disaster, the aliens operating out of a subterranean base in Antarctica didn't get the memo. As much as they'd like to help, that's not their job. Instead, they go through the motions at work and do what they can to find a hint of meaning in their otherwise monotonous lives. 

Day thirteen of our Kickstarter campaign for a "Platinum Edition" of Skirmisher Publishing’s City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities continued to move along steadily and early on the afternoon of day fourteen we unlocked a new Stretch Goal!

A number of people have asked for a look at some of the places that appear in the Platinum Edition of City Builder for which we are currently running a Kickstarter campaign and so this update is devoted to a sneak peek at the Mill!

We want to make sure you know about the special 38-page preview of the "Platinum Edition" of City Builder that we created and have made available for download at d-Infinity Online game magazine, at https://d-infinity.net/sites/default/files/CB_Platinum_Preview%2808-04-2019%29.pdf