Join game reviewer Andrew Gloy as he cracks open a copy of Skirmisher Publishing's Cthulhu Live horror LARP and shares his impressions of it! 

The d-Infinity crew recently received an evaluation copy of Zombie Doctor, a card game that is currently being Kickstarted

This week William T. Thrasher unboxes Star Wars: Rebellion, the strategy board game from Fantasy Flight Games. Join him

d-Infinity recently received an evaluation copy of "Powers Beyond", published by Epic Age Media, and so the Playtest Monday crew did what it does best, tested it out! The full video of our experience can be found above, but the following is a summary of the crew's impressions of the game for those looking for the highlights. We would like to extend hearty thanks to James Shade, the designer behind Powers Beyond, for sending us his excellent game to play through -- we all had a great time with it.

Imanaged to get around to watching Cell, based on the same book by Stephen King. It certainly was intense during some of the scenes, but it really deviated from the novel, and as you would expect, a great deal.

And I was not happy with how it ended.

I finished Orbs by Nicholas Sansbury Smith. This novel takes place around 2061, almost ten years after the Earth was ravaged by a solar flare. Humanity is still struggling to survive, and is looking towards the stars.