This post has attached to it a high-resolution PDF containing a printable miniature of Ordin, an Orc Wizard/Bartender (along with his familiar Sleipder, a tiny blue fiendish spider)! This miniature is bonus content for “Into the Mines of Moira,” an adventure by Skirmisher Publishing for 5th Edition D&D. 
It's a switcheroo!

Travel swiftly across the battlefield by switching places with your enemy.

Home is where the hearth is.

Channel the safety and security of the household onto the battlefield in the form of a spectral shelter.

Happy feet.

Send death stomping across the battlefield with a new spell that channels the raw destructive power of the greatest giants of Jotunheim!

Last night on D-infinty Live, we talked about Props and Terrain. As the show progressed, so did work on some of my terrain - in the making for a table top for the Ragnarok: Worlds's End RPG, in development for Skirmisher Publishing. Of course, they would also work for a Frostgrave board or any winter-themed tabletop game, especially fantasy.

At the Skirmisher Leadership Retreat a couple of weeks ago, it was blazing hot in the Texas Hill Country! But upstairs in Skirmisher HQ, it was cold as Ice - at least when we were playtesting Ragnarok: The RPG of the Death of the Nine Worlds.

Since we were going to be streaming the playtest episode AND since we had a great model to use in Michael O. Varhola's classic Border Keep (built by him, his brother and father when Mike was a kid), we decided to incorporate miniatures into the session.