A day or two ago Will Thrasher posted a conversion of a spell from the new D&D 5th Edition to Pathfinder for his ongoing game. I mentioned at the time that I was going to steal it for my own Runequest campaign. I did, and the result is to be found below.

My Runequest game primarily uses the Legend system developed by Mongoose, with some Old School Chaosium edition stuff thrown in for old time sake. This spell should work pretty easily with just about all versions.

Monks who practice the Way of the Road are consummate travelers and are often dedicated to keeping paths and highways of all sorts safe from dangers like bandits, wild beasts, and environmental hazards. They learn techniques that can help them to withstand the rigors of travel, move in enhanced ways, and gain information about the areas through which they are journeying. 

And another chemical compound, borrowed from State of Decay 2, converted to be used in your Starfinder game!

Another chemical compound created by using the blood plague, converted to be used in your game!

A consumable from 'State of Decay 2', converted to be used in your game.

Vermin that are native to the Kashyyyk homeworld, they are pests, although if somehow killed without causing the bodies to explode, Wookies find them to be a delicacy. The little vermin spend most of their time living in trees, burrowing into the bark to lay their eggs, and the larva spend up to a year living in the bark, eating the pulp beneath before finally maturing and becoming adults.