After several weeks of a much-needed break, I'm back! For the next couple of months I will be converting the various Terminators and weapon systems from the movies and games. Here is tonight's first conversion, the Iconic T-800 Infiltrator.

I'd scrap that.


Classes Technomancer 3

School transmutation

Casting Time 1 round

Range touch

Targets 1 bulk of inert electronic equipment; see text

Duration 1 hour

Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no

In Ragnarok: Age of Wolves, magicians all have access to any spell in the core game, and other than the rank of the magician and the spells they know, there is little to distinguish one mage from another mechanically. But inherent in the narrative of the game is an understanding of different Magical Traditions: different ways, of practicing magic – what might be called schools or classes in another game.


Adding Roleplaying Characters and Elements to Ragnarok: Age of Wolves


There are any number of elements from "The Alchemist," H.P. Lovecraft's second published story, that I could have tried to put into game terms, the most obvious being Charles le Sorcier. In that he would have to be both exceedingly complex and, like "The Beast in the Cave," exceptionally feeble, I decided this was more effort than it was worth.

Humakt has long been one of my favorite Gloranthan deities. The first character I played (back in about 1980, was a Humakti) and the cult invariably figures in my games in some way. The cult is described in Cults of Prax, and elsewhere, and it provides pretty much everything you need to have player and non-player Humakti in your game.