Because I can't wait until tomorrow to release more Runequest Thursday material, here is a teaser spell from the Sorcery system I developed for my Runequest River of Cradles campaign.

In Runequest Thursday #3: A New Sorcery (Part 1), I posted the first part of the system I developed for sorcery in my ongoing Runequest River of Cradles campaign. In it, I gave you the basics for the System, and Sorcery Skill and its uses, as well as how to cast and manipulate spells, the Sorcerer's Staff, etc. In this article we will get into the meat of things, Spells and how they can be manipulated.

In this installment, you will find the basics of sorcery, how the skill is used, how to learn spells, and manipulate the magic you raise. 

Old Jack is the colloquial name given by locals to a large and dangerous jackobear that wanders the River of Cradles region from Sea to Darkness seasons, before heading into the eastern wastes of Vulture Country for the rest of the year.

Following is a list of all the "Conjuration" spells from the 5th Edition D&D  Player's Handbook, once with the spells simply in alphabetical order and once with them organized by level! 

Many GMs eventually find themselves facing the situation of an enterprising player character that wants to use the corpse of the creature they have just defeated as a source of spell components. Such components may be destined for the party’s own use, or might represent additional spoils of victory to be resold to the local Wizard’s guild.