The latest and another of the iconic units from the movies, the Hunter Killer Tank from the Terminator franchise, converted to be used in your Starfinder game.

The second in a series of weapons converted from the Terminator franchise to be used in Starfinder.

The second in my series of 'Terminator' conversions for your Starfinder game. An easily recognizable and iconic robotic unit from the series.

It's all about the code and how you compile it.

The next time your Technomancer casts a spell, or a technomagic villain wants to make their presence known, or you just want to add a little flavor to your champaigns's techno-magic, roll a d10 on the table below to generate a unique side effect.

The iconic weapon used by Skynet forces in the Terminator franchise.

This is the index for all the Terminator Conversions I have created.