Shovel-noses are a type of pachyderm, about the size of a hippopotamus, and living similar lives. They live in herds of up to one hundred animals, with a number of senior males and their mates and offspring. Though not as belligerent as hippos, they are territorial and just as deadly when roused.

A request from the Starfinder RPG FaceBook page. I finally got around to writing up some stats for this. Hope you like it!

Another major race from Mass Effect, converted to be used in Starfinder.

Over the last several installments, we have gone over all of the necessaries for A New Sorcery. Last time, after giving you some ideas for Cabals and specialty spells, I mentioned that next time I would talk more about Runes and Sorcery, Rune Mastery, and give you some heroic abilities for Sorcerers.

Another conversion from 'The Bureau: Xcom Declassified', for your Starfinder game.

As a special request, I have taken the time to write up the Spartan armor from the Halo series of games and converted them to be used in your Starfinder game.