And here I did not think I could come up with a Xenomorph that is deadlier than the T-Rex. Turns out I was wrong. Inspired by an image I saw online, created to be used in your Starfinder game. As a side note, I've begun to go back to the original posts and make several corrections in the special abilities, especially the acid damage.

Don't you dare call them "sheeple"

Liven up ypur 5E campaign with the ramkin, a people who combine the traits of humans with sheep.

Inspired by a meme I saw earlier today. A new and original creation to be used in your Starfinder game.

One of the cool things about Runequest is the emphasis on social situations. Yeah, you may go down into dungeons and kill monsters, but you are just as likely to find adventure dealing with the Praxian nomads traipsing through your fields taking anything that is not nailed down. And when you muster to drive them off, you see that they are hungry and tired, and so are their children. And these same nomads raided your neighbors last year, so you might be feeling some animosity, or at least suspicion.

With an eye to giving people something fun they can use to punch up one of their old board games, I have decided to post some variant rules I developed for the Castle Risk version of the Risk game many years ago (sometime in the early '90s, as evidenced by the perforated-edged paper that I used to run through my word processor back in those days). They are just as useful today as they were then, of course, and can also spark ideas amongst readers for their own variant rules for this or other games.

I could have sworn that I converted this to Starfinder years ago, but I was wrong! Another request from the Facebook Starfinder group!