The wastelands are rife with rumor and legend as to the origins of many of the creatures that can be found. Quite a few believe that many of the humanoids are in fact aliens; others believe that they are the result of nefarious experimentation by the various governments before the final wars. And some believe that they are just the end result of the fickle nature of radiation and other toxins.

There are many who believe that these humanoids are in fact the survivors of an alien invasion that took place just after the turn of the millennia. Even after centuries of progression and then the final wars, rumors and legends persist of a failed alien invasion. Supposedly these creatures were on the brink of enslaving humanity when it was discovered that they could be defeated by water.

Parasitic Metamorph's started life out as Pure Humans, Humans or Mutant Humans. At some point in their life, they were exposed to a microscopic parasite (usually through contaminated water, food or bodily fluids from those already infected. Once infected, a drastic physical change begins, transforming the victim into a killing machine. Because of this, many wasteland scholars speculate that it is one of the many genetic engineering experiments conducted by the Ancients that went awry.

This creature has an overall humanoid physiology. Two arms, two legs, basic humanoid shape. The difference is that the body has become covered in an incredibly dense bone-like exoskeleton, making them impervious to most melee weapons, the hands and feet develop long powerful talons, while the head takes on a very reptilian appearance. The cranium is protected by a thick bony protrusion that looks almost like a helmet. The downside is that the protection partially interferes with the creature’s ability to see. Fortunately for these creatures, they have developed a special sense, very similar to ultrasound that allows them to see when their eyes fail them. Also the creatures developed large bat-like wings that allow them to fly and glide.

Pale Eaters are a very strange form of Mutant Human that are found almost exclusively in ruins around the globe.

These strange creatures appear for the most part to be humanoid. They have two arms, legs, a generally human shaped body, and they stand around six feet in height and weigh in about one hundred and forty pounds, but the head is where the similarities end. First, the head is eyeless, there being two small nostrils where the eyes would normally be.  Secondly, the creature has jet black talons on the tips of its fingers and the mouth is filled with sharp teeth. Finally, these albino creatures are covered in flesh that seems to be loose fitting over the bones. The flesh is wrinkled and saggy all over.

This particular breed of undead was twisted with the intention of creating a ‘fast’ type of zombie, one that would be incredibly quick as well as far more dangerous than the regular types of zombies that had sprung from the various biological terror laboratories before the final wars.

It took a great deal of experimentation and tweaking, but the twisted minds of the ancient mad scientists finally created what they had hoped to – a zombie that was fast and deadly, and able to spread the plague.

Ogres are large, green skinned humanoids that like to live quiet lives and just to be left alone, despite beliefs to the contrary.

Physically, these creatures are larger than most average humanoids, typically standing between six and a half feet in height to eight feet, and usually weigh in between three hundred and five hundred pounds. They have uniformly green skin and the males are always bald, having no body hair what so ever, although the females can grow hair, which runs the entire color gambit.

With all the experiments that had taken place by various corrupt and nefarious governments and terrorist organizations to find the perfect ‘terror weapon’, many different strains of ‘zombies’ had been created. Those who were responsible for the creation of these deadly creatures found that quite often the undead were simply too easily dispatched.

Their solution to this issue was the creation of a massive killing machine that could still infect and spread the virus to help create more undead, but at the same time would be able to soak up massive amounts of punishment before finally being destroyed.