There are many, especially those who live in the Southern states, Mexico and both Central and South America who believe that this creature is the physical embodiment of the ancient Aztec god Kukulkan.

d-Infinity is taking a look at multiple popular tabletop RPG game systems and judging them on which ones handle certain game aspects best. This time d-Infinity will be judging systems on how well they handle diseases, and the three game systems in question are Pathfinder, D6 Fantasy, and RuneQuest!

Zenons are mutant humans found only in ruins, or the wreckages of huge vehicles or ships.  There are those who believe that these mutant humans were created through genetic engineering to survive for long periods of time as star ships travelled through the cosmos. There are also those who believe that these creatures evolved in the depths of space, survivors of the crews that were stranded in orbit during the final wars.

Physically, these creatures appear to be human. They are pale but not to the point of being true albinos and they are totally hairless. The eyes are typically slightly sunken into the head, and give the creatures the appearance of having fleshless skulls, which isn’t the case.

There are those who believe that the Wireless Ghost are in fact undead creatures, ghosts or spirits, while there are those who believe that they are yet another very strange mutant that has appeared in the wastes, that for some reason have a strong tie to computers and wireless technology. Be what may, these monsters are dangerous creatures that live off the life force of creatures around them.

These creatures require a wireless system in order to exist. That is why so many believe that these creatures are undead, as it doesn’t matter if they are destroyed or not, they always seem to appear once again if they can get in contact with a wireless computer system.

Physically, these creatures appears to be a projected video image of a naked and bald man or woman, clearly a Pure Human and not a mutant. These video images flicker and go out of focus often and the creature looks as if it is suffering from early stages of decay.

These creatures are the terror of any who would seek to damage, destroy, or harm the natural order of the wetlands across the wastes.

No one has been able to figure out if these creatures are actually plants, or some sort of mutant animal that has the characteristics of plants. All that is known however is that they are encountered one at a time, and there have never been reports of more than one ever being found in one wetland. It is not known if they are territorial or if one creature chooses a specific location and becomes the guardian of that location.

The creatures are massive. They stand at around eight feet in height and can easily weigh in at more than 600 pounds. They appear to be massive, muscular creatures with thick claws for fingers and three long elephantine tentacles that drape down from the forehead. The eyes are large and ruby red, with no visible sign of iris.

War Wolves are a genetically altered creature that appeared in the years following the end of the final wars. At first glance, these creatures always appear as Pure Humans, although anyone with heightened senses will get a strong predatory scent from them, one that is always associated with Canines.

They go about their lives always disguised as Pure Humans, living in Pure Human only communities and acting as if there was nothing abnormal about them.

However, the simple fact is that they are predators, and due to their nature, can only survive by eating the flesh of other Pure Humans and it has to be living while they consume it.