This weapon is another 9 mm service pistol that is used by the USCM service. It is an 18-round, double action only, semi-automatic weapon that was typically issued to officers and civilian contractors, although it was also used by Synthetics and occasionally by ground troops.

Originally thought to be extinct back around the beginning of the 21st century, it was discovered that this beautiful and rare species of Macaw was in fact thriving deep in the amazon jungle. The birds were carefully monitored and the tract of jungle that they had been discovered in was declared a preserve. This allowed the birds to continue to thrive and multiply and eventually they were taken off the endangered list.

Then the final wars broke out and the world was forever changed. Thankfully due to their remoteness and the fact that their territory had been declared a preserve, the wars barely touched their homes. Still, the species did in fact suffer the effects of the wars, as the radiation and toxins that were released finally found their secluded homes.

Many members of the species perished, and once again the small but beautiful birds were threatened with potential extinction. Despite the hardships they did manage to survive, although like pretty much all life on the planet, they re-emerged into the world changed. Mutation had come to the birds.

This is the first of a new series of posts that will involve converting weapon systems from video games to OSR stats. I will be using the rules from Mutant Future as the statistics but I will also include information that will allow Game Masters to easily convert to other rule systems.

No one is certain how many different types of genetically engineered super-soldiers were created over the decades leading up to the final wars. Scholars however are at odds when it comes to the race that has become known as the Arcadian’s.

The only fact that they can all agree on is that the super-soldiers had their origin during the earliest years of the 21st century and that the progenitor of the race was a man named Alex Hunter.

Hunter was sorely wounded by an enemy combatant during a mission, taking a bullet to the brain. He survived the attack, although the man was left in a vegetative state as a result. The bullet was lodged deep in his cerebral cortex and inoperable with the medical technology that was available at the time. His commanding officer agreed to subject him to an experimental treatment in hopes that it would bring him back to some semblance of life.

As is the case with many of the creatures that inhabit the wastelands left after the end of the final wars, no one is quite sure if these creatures are the result of genetic tinkering or mutation.

These creatures appear as perfectly proportioned Pure Humans, and are uniformly beautiful or handsome. But there is no mistaking the fact that they are in fact mutants because they are only four inches in height! Also the large dragonfly-like wings help to reinforce this fact.

If the rumor mill in the wasteland is to be believed, these are not mutants, but in fact an ancient species that had been hidden beneath the waves for untold millennia. They had not only survived but thrived in hidden underground oceans and hidden grottos.

These creatures are quite large, typically about thirty feet in length. They have a very strange appearance, instead of being albino as one would expect from a creature that had never seen the sun, they are a mottled grey, black and various shades of blue. Also they possess dual dorsal fins, one smaller behind the main, and many members of this species have been seen with large spike-like protrusions along the back. Several have also been seen with claw-like appendages on the fins that help propel them through the water.