It is rumored that these creatures are not mutants, but are in fact an ancient race of sea-dwelling beings known as the ‘deep ones’, who are said to be just one of the inspiration behind the numerous writings of H. P. Lovecraft. Of course this is just pure speculation.

That aside, there is no location, nor species on the planet that hasn’t been affected by the toxins and radiation spawned during the final wars of the Ancients.

Many of the creatures that are found in the wastelands were in fact genetically engineered by the Ancients to be used in combat. This particular breed of humanoids first appeared on the scene in the very early 21st century. The originals were all mercenaries who had undergone radical genetic manipulation to make them far stronger and more resilient to physical damage than a normal human.

Physically these humanoids appear as overly muscular humans with a very distinct simian appearance. Each man was large to begin with, but the scientists of the day introduced Silverback Gorilla DNA into the volunteer’s genetic code. The result is that they took on a very ape-like appearance and gained an increase of nearly 500% muscle mass. For some as yet to be determined reason, this genetic engineering only worked on males. It either outright killed any females that tried to use it, or had no effect.

Satyrs are Mutant Humans that have the appearance of the mythological half man, half goats that were first recorded by the ancient Greeks. It is speculated that these creatures are actually Exotics (see Wisdom from the Wasteland issue 4: New Races) but with the fickle nature of mutagens, it will never be known without careful examination

Physically, these creatures appear to be just that. They are roughly humanoid size, typically standing about five and a half feet in height and weighing about 160 pounds. The torso is quite hairy and the legs are shaped like that of a goat, including the hooves.

No one is absolutely sure of the origin of these creatures.  There are those who believe that they are just another one of the myriad life forms that were spawned in the radioactive toxins that covered the planet after the fall of the Ancients, while others believe that they are extra-terrestrial in nature. There are even those who believe that they are from another plane of existence.

The origin of these creatures really doesn’t matter, because like many of the mutated monsters that roam the wastelands, these creatures are extremely tough, very hard to kill and downright deadly.

Raptors are large mutated Eagles that greatly resemble prehistoric pterodactyls. The resemblance is so great that many believe that these creatures were either genetically engineered by the Ancients or were somehow brought back to life after being extinct for millions of years.

Physically, they look like gigantic winged reptiles. They don’t have beaks; instead they have large toothy maws and small beady eyes that would put the eyes of an Eagle to shame. They are approximately ten feet from snout to tail and have a wingspan of nearly forty feet. They are surprisingly light though, most weighing less than 200 pounds.

During the years leading up to the final wars, the Ancients had a habit of tinkering with the genome in order to not only improve life, but often they would create entirely new organisms. One habit they had was to bring mythological creatures to life. That led to the creation of the ‘Exotics’ (see Wisdom from the Wastelands issue 4: New Races for more information) as well as other creatures. One particular race that they created was based upon the mythological Minotaur. These half men, half bull creatures were bred at first for pure fun by scientists in the ancient country of Greece.

As it turned out these ‘bull men’ as they were soon dubbed proved to be excellent heavy-duty workers as they were immensely strong, and made even better soldiers and gladiators.