Another classic Battlestar Galactica Cylon, converted 'by your command' for Starfinder!

The standard sidearm carried by Colonial Warriors.

While developing 5th Edition D&D material for my Skirmisher Publishing, I found myself wishing I had a list of all the Illusion spells from the Player's Handbook, and so I went ahead and created one! I figured other people might find such a list useful and have, accordingly, posted it here twice, once with the spells simply in alphabetical order and once with them organized by level. I have also included a 5E reboot of a classic spell, Gaze Reflection, which I rewrote for use in my own games. 

The Colonial Warriors use pistols, the Cylon Centurions like to use rifles! Converted to be used in your Starfinder game!

The standard melee weapon carried by all Cylon Centurions. Crafted to resemble the ancient Roman Gladius, the weapon is crafted of metallic composites and honed to a razor-sharp edge. A cross-guard protects the wielder’s hand and can prevent the attacker from disarming. On average the blade is two feet in length, not including the hilt.

Many Colonial warriors tend to take the Gladius blades from fallen centurions as trophies, and a few have even learned how to use the weapon.

There are going to be several conversions written up for this, so it deserves its own index!