This is the final conversion from the game 'Terminator: Resistance'. There were not too many new types of units in the game, and honestly I don't need to convert the slightly different models of the T-800 such as the T-820. They really did not have much to add to the game! I hope you enjoy my offering!

The third 'Spider Scout' variant from the game 'Terminator: Resistance', converted to be used in your Starfinder game.

Based on the video game 'Terminator: Resistance', this is a new type of goggle, created to be used in your Starfinder game!

Here is an optional system for Ragnarok: Age of Wolves (on sale right now for $2.99!), intended to recreate the effects of personal leadership and the issuing of orders on the battlefield. Players must agree to use it, in which case they each get the same number of Command Points. A good number is roughly 1 for every five  models on the table for each side.

While developing 5th Edition D&D material I found myself wishing I had lists of spells from the Player's Handbook organized by their schools of magic and proceeded to start creating them for myself and anyone else who might find them to be useful! This article contains all the Abjuration spells from the book organized first in alphabetical order and then by level. 

Another of the new units introduced in the game 'Terminator: Resistance', converted for your Starfinder game!