The Spiral Crypts is a dungeon adventure in my shared-world Savage North campaign, powered by Runequest.

If there are offspring of wyrms like the Drakkar, is it possible that there are other forms as well?  In the Saga of the Volsungs, Fafnir is a dwarven prince who because of his greed for gold, transforms himself, or is transformed, into a dr

Can you take the heat?

You bathe an area into the scorching heat of the mid-day tropics.

This is the compete adventure I recently ran as an Introduction to Runequest and Glorantha on D-Infinity Plays! – Our Live podcast in which the D-Infinity Live Crew of Miscreants try out games new and old. It went pretty well, serving as an interesting adventure in a cool locale, and as an introduction to the wide, wonderful and (slightly) wacky world of Glorantha.

Tonight on D-Infinity Plays, I will be running a short Runequest Adventure set in the region of Glorantha known as the River of Cradles. This is the setting of my own Gloranthan campaign, which has often been the subject of past Runequest Thursday posts.

Gimme a head with hair!

This spell causes the hair of the target to lengthen, animate, and shine with supernatural luster!