It almost seems as if the weapons and armor conversions from the Dead Space series of games is never-ending. This is not the case, although there are still quite a few more to finish! Here is the latest, another fully automatic weapon to be used in your starfinder game!

Mining is a dangerous profession, and as such requires heavy-duty equipment to prevent accidental death or injury.  Another suit of armor converted from Dead Space to be used in your Starfinder game.

A fully-automatic pistol from the Dead Space series of games, converted to be used in your Starfinder game!

Continuing with the theme of Magical Locations begun with the Draugar Stone, this time I present the Skyrune Shrine.

Tonight's Dead Space conversion is one of the DLC rigs available for those who wanted to purchase them. As such, it's a little more powerful than the standard Rig.

One of the most powerful hand-held weapons from the Dead Space franchise!