One of the most important projects we have currently got in the works at Skirmisher Publishing is development of a special "Platinum Edition" of our Platinum-bestselling universal sourcebook City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities and, as part of that, we would like to add at least a couple of dozen new adventure hooks, particularly for locations described in the book that have only one associated with them.

The Arachnid's living, breathing Artillery!

Think Wolverine without the regenerative ability!

Take the massive Triceratops, add in an ability from an old cartoon, give it a mean temperment and viola! Instant organic tank!

Sometimes you just have to raise the dead.

Based on a comment from Micheal O. Varhola this week's map goes a little deeper into the Four Kings Sepulchre with a lower level known as the Tomb of Interrupted Repose. What at first appears to be a catacomb where other legendary heroes are laid to rest turns out to be riddled with secret passages, hidden chambers, prison cells in the southeast corner and a temple with adjacent teleportation circle in the southwest.