If you have been faithfully reading Runequest Thursday for a while, you may know that I wrote my own iteration of Sorcery that addresses the balance issues with the canon version, and can feel free to copy it, play with it, etc.

This report follows the ongoing adventures of Myrmidon fighter Myrmex, Human rogue Teris, Cynocephalian sorcerer Lyco,and planetouched bard and priestess Angelia as they continue to explore an ancient shrine, encountering Mud Mephits in a cave full of tiny swarming spiders, raiding the field headquarters of some evil Myrmidons, and underestimating a pair of Mineral Mephits! 

Following are D&D 5E rules that can be used to adjudicate attempts by characters to votively replicate Hercules’ eighth labor, capturing and returning to Tiryns with the four man-eating Mares of Diomedes. This challenge takes place at a large farm on the Peloponnesian Peninsula of mainland Greece and one of the places that appears in Skirmisher Publishing’s “In the Footsteps of Hercules” universal sourcebook.

Specialists are craftsmen, entertainers, professionals, scholars, and tradesmen who have combined their vocations with an inclination toward adventure. The skilled Blacksmith who tests his new creations in the field, the astute Barrister who undertakes investigations on behalf of his clients, and the canny Merchant who assumes the risk of leading trade caravans are all examples of Specialists.

A while back I posted about Heroic Abilities in the Legend RPG and how I was going to rename them Feats of Arms to keep them distinct from abilities gains through Heroquesting. Having had time to work some up, I thought I would throw them out here for your benefit. If you have not read my original article, you might want to click on the link above and catch up so things make more sense.

This post contains D&D 5E rules that can be used to adjudicate attempts by characters to votively replicate Hercules’ eleventh labor, which included finding the goddesses of the sunset at the western end of the world, defeating their guardian dragon, and stealing their golden apples!