In the shared-world I have going based in D101 Games awesomely Hyborian The Savage North, we have a new player joining. Wanting to use that opportunity to add more depth to the campaign, I decided to let him play a new race, that is actually a very old race reawakened in the current time of troubles.

Have you ever wanted some little oddity on which to hang a character thread, or an entire story arc? In the latest iteration of the world's most popular RPG, you can roll on a Trinket table to get just that. There are 100 trinkets, accessible via a d100 roll for your character. That sounds a LOT like an oddities table already. So here are the first thirty to start the list of 100 MORE Trinkets:


If you read Runequest Thursday #173, you know that The Brightwater Company was on the winning side of the Second Battle of Moonbroth, in which the Anti-Lunar alliance consisting of The White Bull Tribe (all those who were at the Paps when Argrath led the White Aurochs there and united the disparate Praxian Nomads as well as some Orlanthi and other

Last week we lead an expedition to the Stars Down Cliffs, an d this week we continue to bring you something completely different. At the suggestion of contributor Clint Staples. this week's free d-Infinity dungeon map is four maps in one.

Runequest has long included dinosaurs. Yet when I began my Runequest Gloranthan campaign a few years back, I decided not to stock it with dinosaurs. Not that I dislike dinosaurs. In fact I have been fascinated by them since I was a kid, and almost went into Paleontology instead of History in university.