Over the past few posts for RQT, I have provided a new approach to Sorcery, using my own Runequest Sorcery System in all things, but altering the WAY in which spells, and sorcerers, are organized, or organize themselves.

Heat and cold based attacks have a really bad effect on the mutant plant with this drawback!

Another very common mutation from the old school Gamma World game, udpated to be used in Mutant Future and other similar games.

The mutant’s synapsis and neurons have difficulty retaining information.  Unless the mutant writes something down when viewing, hearing or otherwise sensing something, it will never remember it in the same manner twice – if it remembers it at all.  The ML can decide if the mutant misplaces objects or other similar effects. Furthermore the mutant suffers a penalty equal to the power score when it comes to all technology rolls.

This is my first attempt to create a playable race for the Starfinder game. I won't deny that I have been inspired by other sources found online, but all the text and abilities are of my own thoughts and design.

A pox on the fella which suggested that I like 'Monster Girls'. I had to go and watch the anime after that and although I am loath to admit it, I DO like Monster Girls. =)

Suggestions and Feedback are always welcome.

The mutant possesses a strange energy field that it can control at will. This mutation allows the mutant to touch the wound of another and halt blood loss. This instantly heals any continuous bleeding damage inflicted by various weapons and mutations. The touch will also heal four plus the power score modifier damage to any wound which broke the epidermal layer.  In other words, only wounds that break the skin will heal.