I am the son of the Luti Bashi by a celebrated courtezan of the name of Taous, or the Peacock. With such parents, I leave you to imagine the education which I received. My principal associates, during my infancy, were the monkeys and bears that belonged to my father and his friends, and, perhaps, it is to the numerous tricks in which they were instructed, and to the facility with which they learnt them, that I am indebted for the talent of mimicry that has been of so much use to me through life.

My tobacco was of various sorts -- Tabas, Shiraz, Susa, and Damascus. It is true that I was not very scrupulous about giving it pure; for with a very small quantity of the genuine leaf I managed to make a large store, with the assistance of different sorts of dungs. I had a great tact in discovering amongst my customers the real connoisseur, and to him I gave it almost genuine. My whole profits, in fact, depended upon my discrimination of characters.

For the record I do not care for Fan Fiction.

I started writing fan fiction many, many years ago, but quickly learned that I would much rather create my own worlds, my own characters and bring them to life rather than dabble in other people's worlds.

As my skill grew, I moved further and further away from writing fan fiction, until at last I gave up writing that sort of material altogether.

Recently however, I have had a change of heart.

I will be writing the occasional fan fiction. I certainly will not write as much as I did nearly 20 years ago, but I will throw together the occasional tale.


Well, consider it a tribute to authors I really enjoy, or movies that I like and so on.

After all, 'The Argument' was in fact a cross over fan fiction (albeit one written as a comedy and as a gift!)

This story is written as a tribute to my favorite author, Jonathan Maberry. I had a chance to meet this man in Houston last year at Comicpalooza and if it wasn't for his encouragement, I wouldn't be re-writing my zombie novels in hopes of finding an agent and getting them published.

This story takes place when Joe Ledger was still a cop working for the Baltimore PD, who runs into a young man with issues. It then jumps forward and the story continues with the events that take place in the novel 'Code Zero'.

I certainly hope you enjoy this fan fiction!

The water which I had a moment before drawn from a filthy reservoir, I extolled as having flowed from a spring created by Ali in person, equal to the sacred well of Zem Zem, and a branch of the river which flows through Paradise. It is inconceivable how it was relished, and how considerable was the money I received for giving it gratis.

Before you read this short story I have to explain it's origins and the meaning behind it.

This was written as a gift for my best friend. He's a huge Star Wars fan (as am I), and I love Aliens (as if anyone who reads my blogs can attest).

At the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo in 2015 we both Cosplayed and had our photo taken together.

Thus the story was born.

It was also written to be humorous! I had a couple of readers bash it because it was too 'cliche' and did not make any sense.

The fact that I have to explain it... well...

This is a crossover of two of my favorite SF universes. I purposely used as many lines as I could and tried my best to make it funny.

Those who understood that was the point of the story loved it.

Those who did not... I won't go there.

Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy this little tale!

'We shall soon see that,' answered the prince. 'Call the ferashes,' said he to one of his officers, 'and let them beat the rogues on the soles of their feet till they produce the fifty ducats.'

The were immediately seized, and when their feet were in the air, strongly tied with a noose, and after receiving a few blows, they confessed that they had taken the money, and produced it.