An often overlooked resource for gamers interested in the Mythos of Lovecraft and his contemporaries is the work of Edgar Allan Poe, a fixture of an earlier age but a profound influence on those who followed him. Following is a good example of such seminal work, an 1844 poem titled "Dreamland" that reads very much like Lovecraft, especially in its reference to "Ghouls," and I suspect many readers familiar with the later writer's poetry might have assumed this was his. Poe was, by the way, not entirely pleased with this poem, and published a revised version of it titled "Dream-Land" the following year. The image that appears here is one that artist Gustave Dore created to illustrate some of Poe's work. 

The war is over.

The dead have been mourned.

Martin and Bradly Travis are dead. The Purist movement has been obliterated.

One life ends, but it is a chance for a new life to begin.

And that's it. After nearly a full year of writing this epic, I have finally finished the novel. It's been a long ride but its been informative and educational for me as a writer.

I hope that you have enjoyed this take on the Post Apocalyptic world I have tried to create for my Mutant Future work.

The war, after only two major engagements, has ended.

The Community lies in near total ruins.

The death-toll is higher than anyone could imagine. Hearts are broken and lives shattered.

But it's over.

Epilogue will be posted next Friday.


The Purists have attacked the Community.

The death-toll on both sides continues to mount as Max, Declan and Babs do their best to get Max's secret weapon into the fight before it's too late.

Death stalks the woods, unseen and ready to pounce.

Rated R for violence.

One chapter and the Epilogue are all that are left to publish!

War descends upon the community and everyone is forced to fight for their lives.

Rated R for violence.

Only 3 chapters left in this P.A. Epic!

Martin, Bradly and the expedition force arrive back at the compound only to discover what the nanotech attack have wrought.

They are met by a member of the Whispering Wraith guild and told exactly what occurred and whom caused it.

After discovering just how bad it is, Martin makes the decision to retaliate without taking the time to rescue the survivors.

Declan awakens to discover for the first time in months he has not suffered nightmares or anxiety, and has Andy and Tara to thank for it.

Ra'naa does not regret her decision.

Momma Rathbourne has one of her glimpses of the future and warns Max that an attack is pending.

Max has a surprise of his own which he plans on unleashing on the Purists, and it is one they will not enjoy.

Rated A for violence and adult situations.