The battle for the Installation has been won.

Many lost their lives and few escaped the conflict unscathed.

Heroes were born amongst the fire and blood, and a new ally is brought into the fold as a result.

Arleen discovers a simple fact which will forever change her world.

Rated A for adult situations

The fight for the Installation has begun in earnest, both sides pitted against one another in a battle to the death.

The butcher's bill for the home of the Androids and Joey is far greater than either side could have imagined.

Rated R for violence and language

Ra'naa and Joey decide to pay the Purists a little midnight call, with predictable results.

Otres is confronted by Arleen and forced to speak with her.

Bradly and his men are forced to push their timetable forward and race towards the Installation.

Rated R for violence.

At long last the Androids and members of the community meet face to face. Plans are laid and defenses are bolstered.

Bradly and the convoy continue onwards to the installation, although locals are doing their absolute best to make it as difficult as possible.

After discovering how close the enemy force managed to get, Ra'naa decides it would be a good idea to pay them a visit and see about inflicting even more damage.

Rated A for adult situations and language.

Bradly and his troops run into problems during their trek to the Installation.

Ra'naa, her father and friends discuss the impending attack and the fact they are going to help the androids defend their home against the Purists, even if it means losing their lives in the process.

Otres is not happy with what he is forced to do.

Tara confronts Babs with an ultimatum.

Rated A for language.

Note - the image I chose was that of a half dragon, and considering the way the novel is going, it sort of fit. I wish I could provide a direct link to the artist who created this piece, but I can't. This is the only link I have!

After spending so much time in the City of Scav Haven, Ra'naa, Tara, Declan, Babs and Otres are finally home. The group found several new potential allies along the way.

Bradly Travis is disheartened to discover he will not be returing to the compound. Quite the opposite in fact, he and his men are to meet up with convoy that is on its way to attack the Installation.

Still reeling from the unexpected nuclear attack, Awoan and the surviving androids work feverishly to repair the damage the installation has sustained. She makes the decision to contact Max Ahteen and ask for help.

Rated A for language and adult situations.