After speaking to Otres, Declan comes clean about Babs to the group.

Ra'naa meets with representatives from several factions to try and enlist their aid in the upcoming war.

Wrench is given permission to intervene on behalf of the group.

The Purists ready a new toy in the search for whoever had taken control of the Satellite.

Rated A for adult situations.

The Purists are getting closer to discovering who took control of the Recon Satellite.

Babs has some devastating news for Declan, which forces him to make some tough choices.

Ra'naa and Otres are concerned for Declan's mental Health.

And lots more!

Ronnath reflects on his past and all the failures he has encountered.

This is more of a narrative from the first person view than an actual story, but I decided to post it anyhow!

Weapons are found and purchased.

More potential allies are discovered on both sides.

Bradly finds his reputation does not help him as much as he thought it would.

Rated R for adult situations and language.

With the future not set, Natheria is visited by an old friend. She learns what is about to happen, and also a very important fact about Ronnath and his adoptive daughter, Cheonsa.

Only the first night in the city of Scav Haven and already they have discovered it is going to be an interesting trip.

Bradly Travis learns the reputation the Purists have is a double-edged sword.

Otres has a chance encounter that could change his life.

Rated A for foul language.