This is another a series of interconnected fantasy short stories which are all about an Elf Ranger and his Tiefling daughter.

Essentially the stories are about the love between a father and his daughter.

This story is how Ronnath finds the girl that he ends up adopting.

I hope you enjoy it.

Declan, while mulling over his options in regards to helping Ra'naa, encounters some of the communities children.

Bradly Travis uses the technology his people control to try and track down Ra'naa and her friends. He is hot to get revenge for the death of his people and his humiliating defeat.

Except someone else does not like what the Purists are working towards and decides to intervene.

Ra'naa and Otres return to the community with the child they rescued.

This chapter uses lyrics from the Mike Oldfield song 'Heaven's Open'.

Rated A for language.

This is a simple fantasy story about a trio of explorers deep in the bowels of an underground maze.

They were sent to explore and map the maze by a king, after discovering the complex.

The trio end up encountering a primal beast of the elements and things go from bad to worse in a matter of moments.

I will be using the characters created here in more upcoming stories.


Feeling stronger, Declan is escorted around the community and shown the sights.

Ra'naa and Otres find themselves involved in a second rescue mission in as many days and face not one but two of the deadly dangers, which can be found in the post-apocalyptic temperate rain-forest of British Columbia.

Bradly Travis learns more of what happend to his convoy and armor, and his father Travis reveals his plans for the compound and the Purist movement.

Rated A for language and violence.

A new day has dawned and the people of the 'community' are coming to grips with the newest member.

It promises to be a relaxing day for Ra'naa, Otres, Tara and Declan... but sometimes looks can be deceiving.

This particular chapter uses lines from a song by Mike Oldfield called 'Moonlight Shadow'.

Rated A for language and adult themes.

Bradly Travis finds the way for rescue is not as pleasant as he had hoped.

The watchers, having witnessed the events of the night, finally pack up their gear and return to their hidden base, while a new player bursts onto the scene.

Back home, Ra'naa, Tara and Otres finally are able to talk to Declan, who has woken up from his ordeal. As it turns out, Max Ahteen is exactly who Declan believes him to be. 

Rated R for language, violence and mature themes.