This is the catch-all index for the weapons I have converted from the game series 'Dead Space'

The Quarry is a rules-free description of a specific sort of Craftsman Place that might be found in many different sorts of communities and cultures. It is formatted like the more than 70 places found in the Skirmisher Publishing LLC universal sourcebook City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities, and intended to stand by itself or serve as bonus content to that volume.

Shipyards are places devoted to the construction of vessels of all sorts, including rowboats, keelboats, longships, sailing ships, warships, and galleys. Such places might be very specialized and used only for construction of one or a few sorts of ships or boats, or more comprehensive and used variously for multiple purposes, to include building many sorts of watercraft, repairing and maintaining them, and possibly even breaking up decommissioned vessels. 

One of the most fascinating regions of our own world is most assuredly Polynesia, a vast triangular area in the Pacific Ocean that encompasses Hawaii, New Zealand, Easter Island, Samoa, and Tahiti. Following is the introduction and a few sections from "Men & Monsters of Polynesia," an RPG sourcebook just released by Skirmisher Publishing. 

In our interview with Gary Gygax, he mentions that he became persona non grata among historical gamers after the initial release of Dungeons & Dragons. This seemed like a little bit of an exaggeration to me until I came across this somewhat nasty and vindictive guest editorial piece from the August 1974 edition of “Wargamer’s Newsletter,” written by a P. Haythornthwaite. In it, he complains about the new generation of fantasy gamers but, apparently never having actually met any, goes on to attack some historical gamers he encountered and to pretend that they were fantasy gamers! 

“Extreme” is a word that people use today more than they used to with regard to athletic activities, and the passions excited by them in participants and fans alike can, in fact, be excessive, as unrest in the wake of losses — or even victories — periodically demonstrates. Since the dawn of civilization, however, athletes have played sports of various sorts, crowds of people have watched and cheered for them, and devotion to one team over another can lead to all sorts of bad behavior.