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Currently we are compiling “Oddities for a Tavern", which you are encouraged to read and even contribute to, if you feel so moved. 

Some of these oddities are various sorts of liquors that might be available at a fantasy tavern, so I thought I would work them out in Runequest terms – in case your characters are brave enough to try one next time they have the opportunity.

If you read last week's Runequest Thursday, about Starion, the Doomsword, you will recall that the Brightwaters, in attempting to steal the wyverns from the Lunar garrison at Anchor Home in the Clanking Ruin, also had a couple of side-missions, just to complicate matters.

Here is a recent magical weapon and relic that made a guest appearance in my Brightwater campaign.

So if you have been following the development of the Clanking Ruin and the ramblings of the Heroes of Brightwater through it, you might know that Zoe, the Orlanthi cultist and Lunar Half-breed (yes, family get-togethers are complicated) hatched a plant to steal the Wyverns that the Lunars use both to patrol the Clanking Ruin and generally exert their might in the region.

Having enjoyed Chris Van Deelen's Brute Tattoo for Pathfinder, I decided to make tattoos a thing for Runequest.

As the Brightwaters are presently poised to carry out their caper against the Lunar Commandery on Anchor Home near the Clanking Ruin, I thought I would post the stats for the Lunar Wyvern-Riders and their draconic mounts. If all goes according to plan, the heroes will not have to worry about fighting the riders, mounted on their wyverns or otherwise.

So, maybe you show up in the Clanking Ruin, or hopefully, in Bayside, the community of scavengers, power-seekers and warmongers that has sprung up to exploit the ruin and each other. And maybe you don't know exactly what you are after now that you ave arrived.

And maybe you're thirsty, and a mite peckish . . .

Here are a couple of mechamagical constructs, remnants of the Machine City that have survived to the modern day Clanking Ruin. They are not commonly available and represent rare and valuable, and deadly, and expensive, items retrieved from the Ruin, sometimes as considerable loss of life.

They could just as easily await discovery by explorers of the Clanking Ruin, which allows groups of players ot find, possible, fight or otherwise take control of, and return with as spoils.

Mechamagical Swarms were developed by the Legion of Purification during the course of the ten year siege upon the Machine City by the heroes of the Second Age. Swarms were relatively inexpensive, difficult to eradicate, could wipe out a small scouting force, or hamper a larger one.

A swarm is comprised of many small mechamagical creatures (each approximately SIZ 1) that move, act and attack as a whole. Individually the members of a swarm are fragile, but together they can be formidable foes.

Here are two creatures encountered by the Brightwaters in the most recent adventure, scouring the ruins fo the Legion of Purification for Mostali to save, or destroy, as necessary. Ughari, the Praxian Shaman, promised to aid the spirit of a Mostali that he encountered and has had as a servant since.