Continuing the Big Rubble theme we have going on Runequest Thursday, I thought I would make up some magic items that might be found in and around The Big Rubble and the River of Cradles.

Since my Brightwater Campaign is currently in the Big Rubble and likely to stay there for a little while, I decided to write up some odd happenings that they might encounter. Many of these refer in some way to the classic Runequest publication: Pavis and the Big Rubble. If you like Runequest and don't own that, you probably should. You can use these encounters even if you don't own it.

Here are a quartet of magical weapons from various Runequest games I have run or played in:

Roll 1d4:

  1. Skalrak: the Demonblade of Scylliax
  2. Saint Traynor's Waster
  3. Angantyr ("Head-Hewer")
  4. Cindershade


1: Skalrak:

I run a fair number of games over the course of a month. I try to get one or two sessions of the Brightwater campaign each month. At least every other Monday, I run a playtest game of the Ragnarok RPG I am currently writing. I also run a game roughly 3 Fridays out of a given month. This is sort of a rotating thing: Sometimes it will be where the Brightwater game fits in to the schedule. Other times I run Ragnarok, or one of its iterations (i am currently playtesting it as a superhero system and it is working very well).

For the past couple of Runequest Thursdays, I have been laying out the details of my system for Wizardry - Summoning and Binding Demons for Fun and Profit! If you ever played Stormbringer or Elric by Chaosium, you will know where I am taking my

I cannot seem to get over how good a magic system Advanced Wizard (part of The Fantasy Trip) possesses. The fact that the game was created in the early days of RPGs (1980ish) makes it even more impressive.

I had so much fun rolling up the Chaotic Dragon, that I decided to roll up another creature afflicted with Chaotic Mutations. I rolled all the basics using the Sub-tables for Base creature, Number of Afflictions, and the afflictions themselves, then statted the result out for Runequest.

The Big Rubble is a ruin infused with ancient giant magic, at least in places. In addition, many cults and potent creatures call the area home. With all of this magic hanging around, it makes sense that it would have some unique fauna. Well, here is one more.

Sort of. 

The Fantasy Trip's magic system, Advanced Wizard, continues to inspire my Sorcery system. Here are four more spells adapted to A New Sorcery! Sorry things were a day late! Have a Great Friday and get some Runequesting done!


Aid [Magic]                      Range – 5 Yards              POW Check - No

Duration – Instant

I have returned from the wilds of Northern Ontario, where I ascended the Sleeping Giant, offering my thanks to both Nanabosho and Gonn Orta for allowing me to visit! When I say this, I am not being flippant. Climbing the Sleeping Giant is a difficult undertaking for just about anyone, and with such endeavors often there is a spiritual aspect.