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Since I will be on the road all day Thursday, and I did not want to leave you all in the lurch without a RQ Thursday article, I thought I would post it today before I set out on my grand trek to the South (which begins tomorrow).

After having liberated the wyverns from the Lunar Wyvern Patrol in the Clanking Ruin, the Brightwaters turned the creatures over to some Orlanthi allies led by Jarang Bladesong that they knew to

In my ongoing Brightwater campaign, the PCs are approaching Rune Level, and I find myself impatient for them to get there. We have been playing regularly for over three years and I think the players are ready for it.

I know I am.

Below is a system for the skill and practice of Alchemy, the creation of alchemicals, their effects and a list of alchemical substances available for sale.



New Skill: Lore, Alchemy (INT + POW) (Advanced Skill option available to the following backgrounds/ careers: Civilized, Alchemist, Physician, Priest, Sorcerer, Witch)

If you have read many of the other posts I have done over the last couple of years for Runequest Thursday, you might have come across the Cult of the Blue Moon, or other references to the Blue Moon. These came out of an adventure I ran for my Brightwater PCs, in which they found a magical portal to the Blue Moon (a little known celestial body in the Gloranthan sky).

Over the last while, I have been developing spells for my version of Sorcery for Runequest, based on Advanced Wizard, part of The Fantasy Trip.

As I continue to write Runequest Thursday, I have been watching the ongoing development of the newest version of Runequest with a mixture of elation and trepidation. This week I am leaning more toward the former.

The for the last few weeks, I have bee delving into an old favorite - Advanced Wizard - for inspiration for New Sorcery spells. There is so much cool about this book, and its parent game, The Fantasy Trip, from the early days of gaming, that I found a few more that work when suitably Runequestified.

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The last week or two I have been reworking spells from Metagaming's classic The Fantasy Trip, specifically Advanced Wizard, into my own