d-Infinity's stable of bloggers brings you a new ever-growing, ever-evolving collection of unusual objects, freaky finds, and eerie encounters for adventurers to discover while exploring the sewers of your campaign.

In the tradition of d20 Oddities for a Creepy Old House and d∞ Oddities for an Old Observatory, we present a collection of oddities for an abandoned well. This is the kind of well you might find atop a hill, in a ghost town, or near the town square of an old township that has long abandoned wells in favor of modern reservoirs.

Like all the sciences, astronomy has its missteps, dead ends, debunked hypotheses, and in the words of Charles Fort, damned data that defies conventional description. Just the things adventurers and investigators are likely to encounter in the course of a campaign.

When Skirmisher Publishing unleashed Nuisances on the world it introduced a pantheon of deities humorously similar but legally distinct from certain gods and goddesses from the early days of tabletop gaming.

A review of artist Andy Hopp's twisted memory game.

In yesterday's installment of Why Roll we discussed why we use dice in most role-playing games. But what of role-playing games that do not use dice?