In previous installments of the Kalder developer blog we’ve looked at the general concepts behind the risen land of East Kalder and some of the key locations on its frontier.

In the first entry of this new series of development blogs I gave a basic overview of Kalder, the setting for my current D&D 5e campaign. In this entry, I’m going over some of the key location in East Kalder where the campaign’s action and adventures take place.

After a year running one-shot adventures and demos, I am at last in a position to run a full Dungeons & Dragons campaign for 5th Edition. One of the first decisions I had to make was to pick a campaign setting, but being ambivalent to the most readily available D&D settings, both current in print and classic out of print realms, I decided to get back into the habit and design a new setting just for this campaign.

Oddities are real!

Let me back up.

If you've been watching, reading, riding, tasting, or otherwise experiencing modern horror and occult adventure for the past few years you're likely well aware of the tend of zombie stories where no one calls a zombie a zombie. I'm rarely satisfied by explanations for this trend. Frankly, I find it harder to believe in a zombie story is set in a world where zombie all zombie lore doesn't't exist than I do believing zombies might show up and kill me in the real world.

After overhearing an off-site conversation about the dreaded sphere of annihilation hidden in the mouth of a satyr in the infamous Tomb of Horrors module, I realize I don't spend enough time planning dick moves to guarantee the death of my player's heroes.