There is more to explore in the risen lands of East Kalder. While our last look at key locations focused on settlements and cities, we now turn our eyes to largely unexplored wilderness regions of this new land.

At long last, there can be no more delays, let’s begin this look at minor religions and heresies in the land of Kalder with a long-promised rundown of the Cynosure.

The lore surrounding the gods of Kalder continues to grow. In our second look into the deities and faiths of this new campaign setting we learn about the Fortunate Lady and the threefold gods of the elves.

The previous development diary about the people and nations of Kalder made several references to some of the setting’s religions, and with that in mind its time to take a deeper look into the divine as it relates to Kalder, its peoples, and their history.

In previous installments of the Kalder developer blog we’ve looked at the general concepts behind the risen land of East Kalder and some of the key locations on its frontier.

In the first entry of this new series of development blogs I gave a basic overview of Kalder, the setting for my current D&D 5e campaign. In this entry, I’m going over some of the key location in East Kalder where the campaign’s action and adventures take place.