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Well F-f-f-f-fudge!

I saw a post on social media the other day that initially made me laugh, but the further I read the more horrified I became. Apparently fudging rolls makes you a bad GM. Wait, what? Yes, this post was a real rant about how a GM was not using the results of the dice as they fell every time and, even worse, they didn’t even show the player what they were rolling and explain why they were rolling it. Most rolls took place behind a screen.

Scroll Use in 5th Edition

5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, or "5e", is a more streamlined version than many previous editions of the popular game. Some changes that have been made are intuitive, and many DMs and players have house ruled such effects for years. Other changes to the game are more radical, being both broader and specific in nature — and the way magic is handled certainly falls into this category.