Following is a piece I posted to the old Skirmisher Forum four years ago, in April 2009, right after I relocated to Texas. I was pleased enough with it that I did not want it to get lost in the midst of shutting down our old site. This piece dovetails nicely with a more recent Game Designer's Notebook piece I wrote on Texas Vermin

One of the most enjoyable things I did on my recent visit to Wellington, New Zealand, was to take a tour to a number of the sites where The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies were filmed, to include a visit to Peter Jackson's Weta Studios! 

BORA BORA, FRENCH POLYNESIA -- While walking around this tropical island I noticed that may people's yards are rife with holes and that, upon closer examination, crabs are lounging about in or around them and scuttling back and forth between them! By all accounts they seem to be filling about the same niche as would squirrels in neighborhoods familiar to most of our readers here and the picture that appears here is one that I took of some of them.

This pair of items probably dates to around 1990 and were part of the massive 2nd Edition D&D "Indian Adventures" project I was working on at the time. They were printed out on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper that was three-hole punched and which had slight scalloping all-round, suggest it was printed on that old-style paper with edges that had to be removed.

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- Suffice it to say that I walked away from Gen Con 2013 with mixed feelings. This, however, is actually much more positive than it might sound at first, because by the time the convention ended in 2011 I was so unhappy with it that I had pretty much decided to never again attend it.

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- If there is one piece of advice I can give Gen Con attendees, it is to avoid the RAM. This watering hole a block from the convention center is packed with gamers from the day before the convention starts until the day it ends, despite the long lines, crowded conditions, high prices, and crappy attitude of its managers.