Suffice it to say that I was pleasantly surprised to discover Light Without Shadow, Blade Without Edge. This Pathfinder sourcebook from DCS — a publisher perhaps best know for its FUDGE materials — provides very good value for the price and contains a large adventure/mini-campaign that starts off in a very routine way and then expands into something far beyond what the players could likely have ever imagined. 

The Great Yokai War is, in short, a live-action version of an anime story, with doses of Japanese folklore, classic kaiju monster movies, medieval-looking transformers, and post-apocalyptic imagery thrown in. In many ways, it is very much a kids' movie (and is, accordingly, rated PG-13), and has as its protagonist the stereotypical small, bullied pre-teen with the heart of a hero, etc. It might nonetheless still be enjoyable to fans of any of the afore-mentioned genres.

One of the most innovative new game mechanics Skirmisher introduced in our best-selling OGL/d20 sourcebook Nuisances was the concept of the Defect. Followers of this site have probably seen that we we post new Defects on a regular basis, so I figured we were overdue in explaining to those who do not own that book or its expanded followup, Nuisances: Director's Cut, how to use these in a game. Following is a slightly updated version of the introduction to "Chapter 5: Defects" from Nuisances: Director's Cut, which explains what these are and how to use them in the game. This material also appears in our relatively new Jester Dragon's Guide to Defects

Somewhat more than two years ago I was introduced to the National Novel Writing Month program, a literary challenge to write a 50,000-word work of fiction during the month of November.

Following is a report I compiled last year after attending Austin Comic Con and which I am reposting at this point in anticipation of attending it again a couple of weeks from now ...

Following is a piece I posted to the old Skirmisher Forum four years ago, in April 2009, right after I relocated to Texas. I was pleased enough with it that I did not want it to get lost in the midst of shutting down our old site. This piece dovetails nicely with a more recent Game Designer's Notebook piece I wrote on Texas Vermin