Strange as it may sound, I have been anticipating this blog post for more than a decade. 

At this writing I am nearing the end of my four-week Aegean Odyssey through Greece and should be home in just a few days. One of the things my journey has inspired are a number of different spells, many of them directly related to travel and others simply things that have occurred to me while traveling through unfamiliar places.

SANTORINI, GREECE -- While visiting the Museum of Prehistoric Thera here I was poignantly reminded of something that I have periodically considered but never really implemented to any extent in my games or stories, namely the idea of thematic potion bottles. What inspired that thought on this occasion was the presence of several flasks or other containers intended to hold liquid that were not just in interesting shapes, but almost designed to correspond to common potion types!

ATHENS, GREECE -- While waiting to check into my room at the Sofitel Athens Airport I had a little time to run through my email, post to my various pages and blogs, and give some orders in my ongoing "Grepolis" online game.

Twenty-one years ago, two particular weapons made their first appearance in official materials for the Dungeons & Dragons game, and have remained part of the game ever since.  There may actually be more than just those two weapons, of course, but the reason I am concerned with them is because they are ones that I introduced to the game. 

Over the past few years, I have increasingly reflected upon what makes a convention "fun" for me. To a great extent, this is because I have decided to stop going to a number of national gaming conventions that were once but are no longer a good fit for me as a publisher, prompting friends to ask if I can't go to them "just for fun."