One of the things I enjoy about traveling to different places is seeing what sort of games people have traditionally played in them, and so I am always like finding some concrete example of this when I am visiting somewhere. (I say "traditionally" because it is so easy to find people playing the same sort of games via interfaces like X-Box almost everywhere these days.) 

As someone who has always loved children’s literature, my first obstacle when taking on in the “d-Infinity Live! Kidlit Challenge” was deciding what story to adapt into a game setting or adventure!

Had a very busy rewarding week here at d-Infinity and Skirmisher Publishing LLC and would like to share some of the more interesting and relevant aspects of it here! 

Over the years I have made a number of visits to the Paris catacombs, and the photos that appear here are from an expedition I made into them in 1990, as part of a story I was working on for The Planet, the student newspaper of the American University of Paris.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet renowned artist Simon Bull and to spend a couple of days chatting with and getting to know him at a May 12-15 Park West Gallery event at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort in San Antonio, Texas.

Was recently speaking with my old friend Jim Askey and he mentioned that he still had the sheet for the character he played in my AD&D campaign from 1982-84! He was kind enough to scan and send it to me and it appears here. Based on his character sketch alone, my sense is he would have played Mr. Fibula as a Tiefling if the option had been available in that era.