We have reached that time of year when, like double-visaged god Janus, we look toward both past and future and ponder them both relative to each other. 

Following is a report of the most recent d-Infinity Playtest Monday, which is currently focused mainly on game developer Brendan Cass' s Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting game using his Swords of Infinity role-playing game, which involves an encounter by adventurers Paros (Michael O. Varhola), Parthenia (Jeff Carucci), and Trodecarn (Chris Leong).

One of the things I enjoy about traveling to different places is seeing what sort of games people have traditionally played in them, and so I am always like finding some concrete example of this when I am visiting somewhere. (I say "traditionally" because it is so easy to find people playing the same sort of games via interfaces like X-Box almost everywhere these days.) 

As someone who has always loved children’s literature, my first obstacle when taking on in the “d-Infinity Live! Kidlit Challenge” was deciding what story to adapt into a game setting or adventure!

Had a very busy rewarding week here at d-Infinity and Skirmisher Publishing LLC and would like to share some of the more interesting and relevant aspects of it here! 

Over the years I have made a number of visits to the Paris catacombs, and the photos that appear here are from an expedition I made into them in 1990, as part of a story I was working on for The Planet, the student newspaper of the American University of Paris.